A Little Company with a Big Heart: Wera Tools

Wera Tools joins us on-site for a team build day..

Wera Tools likes to think of themselves as “tool rebels.” They challenge existing standards by thinking about things differently and rebelling against the status quo. Through their solid support of Habitat HM, they’ve enabled us to lend a rebellious hand to local hardworking families so we can build more affordable homes within our community.

“We’re a bit of a unique company,” explained Ian Parkhill, president of Wera Tools for the past 25 years.

“Normally, big tool companies are generalists, so they have everything under the sun in their programs. We’re very much specialized just in fastening tools,” said Parkhill.

They may be a unique little company, but they have a powerful impact.

Over the past two years, Wera Tools has generously donated over $70,000 in brand-new tools to Habitat HM.

While going through their inventory late last summer, Wera Tools found a large collection of samples with outdated logos and packaging, following a complete redesign on all their tools. Although the tools were brand-new, they weren’t sellable against the company’s new corporate image. 

“We thought there was a better use for these tools rather than just sitting here, collecting dust,” said Parkhill.

This is a perfect example of how discontinued inventory donations truly make a difference. Wera Tools had what we needed, and they were eager to help out in whatever way they could.

“We’ve been aware of Habitat for years and all the great things you’re doing” said Parkhill.

Wera Tools’ donation helped to reduce our operating costs, ensuring that every cash donation we receive will be used to build more homes in our community. With their contribution, they have quite literally provided us with the tools to build change inside of our community.

Most recently, they donated tools to support our playhouse build. Habitat HM’s playhouse build is a fundraising event where teams spend the day building houses for Habitat’s youngest homeowners.

Featuring creative designs like jungle and spaceship-themed playhouses, these child-sized homes will be sold in our ReStores. Revenue from their sale will help cover our administration costs so we can ensure all donations go into homebuilding.

Wera Tools strives to make the experience of working with tools “easier, safer and full of joy.”

It’s safe to say that their donation of tools for our playhouse build will definitely spark joy for the children who will get to enjoy them. The proceeds from the sale of these playhouses will ignite something stronger than joy in the hearts of the future Habitat homeowners who are one step closer to moving into their dream home because of Wera Tools’ contribution.

Parkhill expressed that donating to Habitat HM made Wera Tools all that more inclined to continue becoming further involved with our organization.Wera Tools signed a 2x4 for the family that moves into the home.

This past November, Wera Tools joined us on-site for a team build day on our Crew-Goetz Landing project.

The most rewarding part for their team, explained Parkhill, was being able to sign their names on 2×4’s that were built into the framing of the house. They were proud to be able to contribute to our build project and to send some words of encouragement to the new owners.Wera Tools signed a 2x4 for the family that moves into the home.

“This build gave (our team) more of a common bond… we’re all looking forward to getting back over there again,” said Parkhill.

To anyone that’s considering donating or volunteering with Habitat HM, Parkhill advises: “Don’t hesitate.”

“There’s a team (at Habitat HM) that’s very genuine and excited about helping people.”

Wera Tools aims to enhance their customer’s experience through innovation to enhance the traditional mechanics of fastening tools. At Habitat HM, we’re also working to build a better experience for the families we partner with, through our construction of affordable housing.

Two organizations that are unsatisfied with the current state of things, pushing to create a better reality. Thank you, Wera Tools, for helping maximize our impact.

“We’re not doing this for any kind of glamour or glory,” said Parkhill. “It’s something that we’re happy to do and glad that we’re able to give people that need it a helping hand.”

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To learn more about Wera Tools, or to join the Tool Rebel gang, visit their website.

By: Olivia Kabelin