Crew-Goetz Landing Build

2384 Queensway Drive, Burlington


Project Update


Our Build Story

Family Build

Diana Harrington(Crew) and Susan Goetz

Habitat Halton-Mississauga is consistently raising the bar and pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in the non-profit home building community.

Crew-Goetz Landing, located in Burlington, is an innovative project that has the distinction of being a Habitat groundbreaker, marking several first for our affiliate. As our largest build to date, it will also be our most expensive.

The provincial, federal and regional governments have demonstrated incredible financial support totaling $2.7 million in IAH funding, making it the first housing partnership of its kind with a Habitat.

This venture will also see a new deferred homeownership model that offers flexibility to our partner families, while ensuring that the 18 homes remain with Habitat in perpetuity, thereby allowing more families to be served.



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