Letter from CEO: Investing in Habitat for Humanity

Angel investors seek out businesses to put their money in, hoping to see a healthy return on their money or a stake in the organization. These investors are happy to loan large amounts of money with low interest because they believe in the business and they have faith in its future success.

Angel investors are common all across North America. According to some sources $25 billion dollars was put into companies by angel investors in the US, and $3 billion has been invested in Canada.

So why not invest in a proven not for profit? Habitat for Humanity is an internationally recognized not for profit organization that provides affordable housing to thousands of people every year. There are 56 Habitat affiliates in Canada, operating in every province and territory. Our affiliate chapter, one of the fastest growing Habitat affiliates in the country, is on the verge of making several game-changing projects a reality. These projects could eclipse our previous work in Halton and Mississauga many times over. We have changed our model and doubled our capacity in the past two years. Because of our painstaking work, our organization is poised for rapid and continuous growth over the next several years. That’s why we’re looking for investors and seed money. We see this time in our affiliate’s history as a watershed moment. Investment money now would help us springboard towards our most innovative projects in existence.

Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga is a safe investment from a business perspective, and it is also an investment into improving the lives of people in the community. We have established and proven community partnerships through Halton and Peel, and our organization is on the verge of entering the most ambitious year in our existence.

Your investments would go directly into our building efforts across Halton and Peel Region. You will be able to watch your investment money turn into houses, then house vulnerable families in the community. After all this, you’d still get your investment back with a healthy return at the end.

We believe that affordable housing is key to improving quality of life. By that we mean if you make housing attainable at an affordable, reasonable cost, other basic expenses like food and clothing become more manageable for low-income households. By providing relief from one expense, it makes the others easier to handle and can have dramatic effects on people’s quality of life.

Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga operates in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. Owning a home is simply not an option for many families in the region. Our goal is to help every person experience the dignity of home ownership.  Providing affordable housing in our community makes our world a more just place to live, and you can help us make our vision a reality.

An investment in Habitat for Humanity will only grow as long as there is a need for affordable housing. This fact ensures that investing in us, rather than a tech startup or other risky business venture, will lead to results. Compounding this with the fact that an investment into our affiliate benefits your portfolio and community simultaneously, and it’s a no-brainer. We are excited to open dialogues with investors looking to put their money into a worthy cause like our own.

If you think this might be the right fit for you, please feel free to contact me at so we can discuss next steps.