Meet Roger

Roger Lower has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for almost 8 years working as a product tester in the Burlington ReStore. Expressing a love of woodworking, cabinet making, electronics, and robotics, Lower has always been interested in various types of equipment and their parts/functions; considering himself a handyman. In fact, while living in the United Kingdom, Lower worked as an engineer, specializing in software and electronic engineering and while working for Israel Aircraft Inc., Lower used to look after handcraft engines by interfacing electronics to the aircraft.

However, following his retirement, Lower yearned to be more involved in his community and wanted meet more people. So he joined the Habitat family and began to use his love of machinery in his volunteer work! Here at Habitat, Lower is in charge of testing the faucets and plumbing products by taking them apart and examining them in order to evaluate pricing and put them out on display in the ReStore. Over the years of volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, Lower learned more and more about the mission and projects, and became increasingly inspired by our goals in alleviating the cycle of poverty, saying “I admire all that Habitat does and for the future I believe they should keep doing what they’re doing: volunteering and building houses for the people in need”.

When interviewed, Lower spoke of one of his favourite memories from Habitat being the volunteer award ceremony where he was awarded for his completion of 1000 hours. Also adding that what motivated him day after day to stay involved with Habitat for Humanity was without a doubt, “…the people, the rest of the guys. Such friendly and intelligent people; they all work so wonderfully together and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it”.