Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Bragg

Habitat volunteer

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and we are always appreciative of their time and hard work. This week, we’d like to recognize Dave Bragg for his contributions at the Halton-Mississauga ReStore in Burlington.

Back in November 2015, following his retirement, Dave was looking for ways to give back.

“I promised myself when I retired that I would donate some more time to the community,” he says.

After downsizing to a new home with his wife in Burlington, he came to the ReStore to drop off a few donations. That’s when he learned about the opportunity to volunteer with Habitat.

“I distinctly remember asking, I think it was Colin that was in the warehouse at the time, about volunteering and he explained it all to me,” he says. “I thought this might be a nice place to do volunteer work.”

Shortly after, Dave joined the warehouse team as a volunteer. Four years later, you can still find him unloading trucks or receiving donations for the store. His role typically involves organizing the items coming in and moving them onto the floor to be sold – although every day is different.

“Today, for example, they’re short on volunteers so I’ll be running out there to help where I can as well,” he says. “Sometimes you have to move around.”

No matter where he’s lending a hand, Dave enjoys volunteering at our ReStore.

“I like the warehouse because I’m still in reasonably fit shape, so I like to help to lift things around. It’s a good bunch of guys back there,” he says. “There seems to be always something going on, and I seem to enjoy that kind of work.”

As for why he’s stuck around, Dave says he likes the feeling he gets after contributing his time to Habitat HM.

“I believe in the whole mission of the organization,” he says. “I also like the idea that everything is being recycled. I get a good feeling knowing I’m helping out in the community, and I feel good about donating my time here.”

To him, the people who surround him at the ReStore are one of the reasons he’s still here.

“I’d like to emphasize how good the staff are here as far as making you feel welcome, I’ve always felt welcome. They continually thank you for your contribution and it’s an enjoyable place to volunteer.”

Dave’s passion to volunteer here will extend far down the road, he says, and we are so happy to have him a part of the family.

“I’m just going to continue working the way I do in the warehouse until I’m physically not able to, and then I guess I’ll work somewhere else in the warehouse. But I see myself continuing doing it as long as I can.”

Thank you, Dave, for your contributions and commitment to helping our community and making sure that safe and affordable housing is available to everyone in the community. We are thankful for your support and are looking forward to working with you in the years to come.

We are always in need of more volunteers to make our community a better place to live. In particular, we are looking for volunteers for the following positions: 

  • Burlington ReStore: Cashier – Afternoons
  • Mississauga ReStore: Cashier – Mornings and Afternoons
  • Milton ReStore: Cashier

If you would like to make a difference in your community through volunteering with us, head to habitatvolunteer.ca.