Donating with Habitat this Holiday


The holiday season is the time of being together with those we love most, and being charitable to those that are less fortunate. The gift of giving makes us feel good, and a gift that comes from the head and the heart are ones that spread great positivity and emotion. Helping others in need is great thing to do year-round, and the gift of giving makes one happier, no matter the financial situation. 36% of annual donations to charity are received in December, with 10% of all annual totals coming in the final three days of the year. The time is now to help make an impact in your community, and give a gift that counts to those in need.

Why Should I Donate?

Donating to Habitat is something you can feel proud and accomplished of. Your donation helps us in achieving our goal of providing safe and affordable homes for families in need. At Habitat for Humanity, we offer programs and initiatives to help support our home building costs and change the lives of hard-working, low-income families. Our mission is to use our knowledge, skills, community relationships, volunteers and other resources to create and promote safe and affordable home ownership options with the aim of alleviating the cycle of poverty within our community. We have raised $15 million and have had over 506,000 hours volunteered with us to join us in helping families who need help the most.

What Does My Donation Do?

We guarantee 100% your donation is put into homebuilding, making a direct impact on a family in need. The donations we receive will benefit families in building long-term financial security, by helping them achieve an affordable, stable home. Habitat offers no interest, no profit home mortgages (capped at 30% of families income) to hardworking families, so they won’t have to worry about having a safe place they can call home. Your donation will help families build long-term financial security, and not having to worry about burdening home payments allow those to focus spending towards food, health, child care, education, and other essentials. Not only are you helping out a family in need, you’re helping out your community.

Habitat Donation

How Does It Help?

For every dollar that is donated to Habitat, $4 is returned to society. Being able to see the change we make in our communities inspires us to continue what we do, and seeing the influence members of our community can have can encourage us to do the same. A lot of positive benefits are created for our partner families. Down below are accomplishments we’ve accomplished thanks to our generous donations.

-37% of families were in social housing before Habitat

-60% reduction in food bank usage for partner families

-50% of families are now physically active vs. national average of 15%

-22% of children attain a bachelor degree or more vs. control group of 8%

-Increase in quality of employment, families work fewer jobs with increased stability

There are many ways to donate to Habitat, and each way has an impact in helping a family in need. With a recurring monthly donation through our Hope Builder’s program, we are able to consistently depend on donations to help with our current and future homebuilding projects!

Where to Donate

Would you like to help a family in need find their forever home, while contributing to our affordable homebuilding projects? Visit our website and help make a difference in your community today!