ReVive Centre: What Sets Us Apart?

Habitat Revive Centre sign in Mississauga.

At Habitat Halton-Mississauga, we’re always looking for ways to be innovative. That’s why we opened our ReVive Centre two years ago. ReVive is Habitat HM’s exclusive upcycling centre, where we take would-be trash and turn it into DIY-ed treasure. Take a peek into our ReVive Centre to find out why it’s been thriving ever since its doors first opened. 

What’s the ReVive Centre?

At ReVive, we think of things differently. What you might look at as an item that only a garbage collector would be happy to see, is an item that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Within the consumerist society we live in, we’re so accustomed to the conventional lifecycle of an item: we buy it, keep it around until we get tired of it, throw it to the curb and move onto the next item.

Live-edge wood donated to our ReVive Centre.

Live-edge wood transformed into rustic bench seating.

With our ReVive Centre, we hope to challenge this mindset. Inside our workshop, every old item has a promising fate. By the time we’re done with them, you would never guess that they were once considered trash.

Along with ReViving items that are looking a little worse for wear, we also build new pieces, using recycled and donated materials. Even a leftover 2×4 from a Habitat build site will be given a second chance with our centre. Whether it be transformed into a shelving unit, a candle holder, a wine rack or rustic décor, its journey doesn’t end in the dump.

We also use locally sourced materials like live-edge wood to create stunning and unique pieces. By using recycled lumber, we’re able to help reduce our community’s carbon footprint. 

What programs does ReVive offer?

Volunteering in our workshop


Volunteering with the ReVive Centre gives you an opportunity to learn some incredible skills and techniques, so even if you’re walking in a tool novice, you’ll walk out a DIY expert.

Items created by our volunteers are sold through our ReStores, so you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your work is directly contributing to the expansion of affordable housing in our neighbourhood.

Team builds

Whether you’re a corporate team or simply a group of friends, " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">join us in the ReVive Centre for a fun-filled day of team and skill-building. You’ll be given the opportunity to either upcycle an outdated item or create an entirely new one, made with your own two hands (and the help of some power tools).

DIY workshops… coming soon!Habitat HM's ReVive Centre has DIY workshops, coming soon!

With countless stunning projects coming out of the ReVive Centre, we heard one question more than any other, “How can I learn to do that?”

Introducing: ReVive DIY workshops. Scheduled to roll out later this summer or early fall, these workshops are ideal for anyone itching to know what it takes to master the skill of DIY. Even if you’ve yet to dabble in the art, this is the perfect place to start.

Why ReVive?

Ontario landfills received a total of 8.13 million tonnes of waste in 2017. This doesn’t account for the 3.5 million tonnes of waste exported annually to the United States.

Based on these figures, our province’s landfills are expected to reach capacity by 2032. That’s only 14 years away.

To Habitat HM, this trend is extremely troubling. We pride ourselves on our commitment to placing environmental considerations at the forefront of everything we do.

Our ReStores give donated items a new home with local families, diverting more than 5.3 million pounds of waste from landfills in the past six years.

In construction, we build our homes sustainably and to be as energy-efficient as possible. Moving forward, we have plans to expand our build projects to include the construction of net-zero homes, taking sustainable housing to the whole next level.

And of course, our ReVive Centre takes what some people might see as trash and turns it into treasure. All of this comes from our desire to operate in an innovative and forward-thinking way.

How does ReVive support Habitat?

Items that come out of our ReVive Centre go into our ReStores, where they’re sold at affordable prices to families and individuals within our community.

Revenue from ReStore sales are used to cover Habitat HM’s costs of office administration. With these necessary expenses covered, we can focus on what we do best: building.

Our social enterprises like the ReStore and ReVive Centre allow us to ensure that 100 per cent of every dollar donated to our organization goes directly into our build fund.

What types of items come out of the ReVive Centre?

Everything you can imagine.

Decor made by ReVive volunteers Buy outdoor activities like this beanbag toss from Habitat HM's ReStores. Stools made with live-edge wood
DIY projects are an amazing way to repurpose old items and spruce up any space. Creating a one-of-a-kind DIY piece with your own two hands can be an incredibly rewarding experience, bringing with it many psychological benefits. That’s why Habitat HM’s ReVive Centre has a new, highly requested program in the works: DIY workshops. What’s the ReVive Centre? If you haven’t yet heard about our ReVive Centre, it’s a green upcycling centre that’s exclusive to Habitat HM. We like to think of our work as DIY with purpose. We take old donated products and raw materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill and we breathe new life into them. These stunning creations are then sold in our ReStores, with revenue from their sale covering necessary costs of not-for-profit administration. What’s a DIY workshop? Unsurprisingly, when people saw the projects coming out of our ReVive centre, they wanted a piece of the action. With questions like “How do I make one of those!?” helped us quickly realize the need for a workshop program so we can let others in on the feeling of joy that comes from creating. As we’ve only recently started hashing out the details of what our DIY workshops will look like, some specifics may change, but we wanted to bring you an outline of what they’ll look like. What kinds of DIY projects will be offered in the workshops? Our workshops will feature smaller-scale DIY designs, so you don’t have to worry about overly-daunting projects like constructing a table from scratch. Some things we’ll be working on include refinishing furniture, creating rustic home décor and building wooden storage crates. *pictures from ReVive folder* Is any background knowledge necessary? Absolutely not! Our aim with these workshops is to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to create some stunning DIY pieces at home when you leave our ReVive Centre. Whether you’re an aspiring Pinterest-er who hasn’t experimented with DIY beyond admiring pieces posted online, you’re an artist with a strong DIY vision who is simply lacking the know-how or you’re an experienced DIY guru without the proper tools at home, our workshops will provide the perfect space for your creativity to thrive. “We’ve had corporate teams come in (with individuals who) have never held a hammer or paintbrush and they (create) wonderful pieces,” said Cait Kennedy, manager of the ReVive Centre. What will you learn? As we’re excited to welcome DIY-ers of all different skill levels, our team of highly-skilled staff and volunteers at the ReVive centre will teach you everything you need to know to safely and correctly produce a beautiful finished product. At Habitat HM, safety is always our first priority. The projects in these workshops will involve light, controlled tool use. These include relatively intro-level tools, such as drills, palm sanders, and chop saws. As we’re the organization that centres around building, we’re the perfect place for you to pick up some crucial hands-on tool know-how. We’ll guide you through the steps of creating your DIY project, but the design is all up to you. We encourage you to flex your creative muscles and let your imagination flow into your piece. Might even be surprised at the incredible items you can create. Who are these DIY workshops for? Our highly-inclusive workshops welcome anyone and everyone to join our team for a day in our ReVive Centre. Our DIY workshops are perfect for any get-together. Switch up your girls’ night and opt to DIY, bring a team from your workplace for an engaging bonding experience, bring your significant other for a perfectly unique date night or stop by solo so you can build your skills and capitalize on your creativity. Because we’ll be working with tools, we ask that participants be over the age of 16. We have plans to eventually expand our DIY workshops to include family days, welcoming participants of ages under 16, so stay tuned for more information on that! Where will the workshops take place? The workshops will take place in our ReVive Centre, which is located beside our Mississauga ReStore, at 4500 Dixie Rd. When are the workshops coming? We’re hoping to have our workshops open for registration by late summer. Our current projected timeline is to have them up and running by August or September. Associated fees We’re still in the process of ironing out the details, but the workshops will cost approximately $50-$100. Bring DIY to your home DIY projects are a great way to bring unique items into your home that will reflect your individual tastes. With DIY, the sky’s the limit as to what you can create. Use these skills that you take away from our DIY workshops to experiment with different projects. These pieces are a great way to make any house feel more like a home with these personal touches. Get your family involved and make a day out of creating new DIY décor that you’ll be able to appreciate day after day. Benefits of getting creative Beyond being able to bring home a stunning item you can proudly boast was created by you, DIY also provides the creator with many psychological benefits. Gives a strong sense of satisfaction The process of starting with an outdated item, or using materials from scratch, and transforming it into a work of art is extremely satisfying. Being able to create something with your own two hands that you can be proud of is one of the most rewarding accomplishments. Boosted brain power Aside from all the new skills and knowledge you’ll be equipped with after leaving our workshops, using your creativity is an amazing way to activate important parts of the brain that are often left unstimulated. DIY can be a great way to uncover not only hidden talent, but also hidden passion that might have been lacking from your life. An opportunity to disconnect In today’s age, it’s a familiar sight to see everyone around you absorbed in their phones, overlooking the world that’s happening outside of their screen. Bringing DIY projects into your home can be the perfect time to get some much-needed tech-free time. So you can re-connect Jump on the opportunity of disconnecting from technology and social media to re-connect with those who matter most in your life. Set a plan to spend a sunny Saturday in your backyard with family or friends, bonding over the experience of trying out your new-found DIY skills. Feel free to reach out to Cait Kennedy, our amazing ReVive Centre manager, with any questions you might have about our upcoming DIY workshops. You can send her an email at We look forward to seeing you at Habitat HM’s ReVive Centre DIY workshops soon! Come check out our rustic DIY projects we create for purchase in Habitat HM's ReVive Centre. Come shop Habitat HM's Restores to find unique and affordable patio furniture or outdoor décor.
You'll find many unique pieces like these hand-crafted candle holders made in our ReVive Centre. Wine rack made in our workshop

Keep an eye out for these items and similar pieces sold throughout our ReStore locations.

Get involved with ReVive today!

Here at the ReVive Centre, everyone is welcome. Regardless of your skill level, prior experience or belief in your creative abilities, we know you’ll have a blast creating DIY items with us. We’re certain you’ll be astounded at the things you can create.

Read our ReVive Centre testimonials to see for yourself why people can’t get enough of our innovative upcycling centre.

Get involved with Habitat HM’s ReVive centre today by volunteering or partaking in a team experience! Inquiries about our ReVive team builds can be directed to

By: Olivia Kabelin