Ways to Volunteer With Us

Highlighted Positions are those we are currently recruiting for. Not recruiting for your position of interest? Apply and we will notify you when recruitment begins for your interests.

The icons let you know suitability for each role:

Individual/Youth 16+/Co-Op/Placement/Group

Individual Volunteering

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Youth Volunteering

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Group/Team Volunteering (Corporate/Community)

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Community Partnership Volunteering

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Required/Appointed Community Hours Volunteering

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Board of Directors Volunteering

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Individual Volunteer Opportunities



Location: (Burlington/Mississauga/Milton)

Looking to give back without having to step onto a build site? Why not volunteer in one of our ReStores instead! Our ReStores are retail outlets open to the public that sell new and used building and household items that have been donated. All revenue from our ReStore sales help sustain us so we can build more homes for families in our community!

ReStore Positions (click position for details)


Build Sites


Location: (Halton-Mississauga Region)

Want to swing a hammer and help build a home for a family in need? Sign up for one of our construction volunteer roles. You don't even need  experience to get started - Our trained construction staff will teach you everything you need to know, provide you with a safe and inclusive environment as well as all the tools and personal safety equipment to get the job done right.

Build Site Positions (click position for details)


ReVive Centre


Location: (Mississauga ONLY)

Do you want to roll up your sleeves and flex your creative muscles? Would you like to upcycle products and transform them into works of art? The ReVive Centre offers volunteers a unique space to putter around and see what they can build from donated products and materials.

ReVive Positions (click position for details)




Location: (Burlington ONLY)

Do you have a skill that would help us promote our work and spread the word about Habitat? Would you like to build practical experience to add to your resume? There are several office volunteer opportunities, including Office Administration, Volunteer Department, Resource Development, Family Services, Health & Safety, Pre-Construction and Marketing & Communications.

Office Administration Support (click positions for details)  

Communications Department (click positions for details)  

Resource Development Department (click positions for details)  

Health & Safety Department (click positions for details)  

Construction Department (click positions for details)  

Volunteer Department (click positions for details)  


Handyman Program


Location: (Halton-Mississauga Region)

This new renovation program joins us with our community! This initiative allows the public to hire our Habitat renovation team for small in-home handyman projects at a competitive price.  All revenue goes towards our build program so we can build even more homes for families!

Handyman Program Positions (click position for details)


Kitchen Salvage/Deconstruction


Location: (Halton-Mississauga Region - for ReStores)

The Kitchen Salvage Program through Habitat for Humanity is a team of expertly  trained staff and volunteers that work as a team to salvage/remove kitchen cabinetry or pick up already disassembled cabinetry from the public. This process is free of charge for the customer who will receive a tax receipt for their donation, we save it from hitting the landfill and best of all we bring it back to our ReStores for resale.  The revenue from this program goes directly towards our build program! Talk about win-win!

Kitchen Salvage/Deconstruction Positions (click position for details)

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

 A minimum commitment of 40 hours is required prior to an official letter being issued.

1) Individual Volunteering (16+)

For safety reasons, you must be 16 or older to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga. Suitable positions are listed in Individual Volunteer Opportunities with 


3) Post Secondary Placements (College/University)

Looking for some hands-on industry experience to add to your resume? Look no further! We have some excellent opportunities for you to both showcase your skills and learn new ones to help you land that dream job.

Opportunities may include: Individual positions listed in Office/Administration Departments, ReStores, ReVive

Contact Shannon MacKenzie at:

Call (905) 637-4446 x226


2) Co-op Placements

Suitable opportunities are listed in Individual Volunteer Opportunities indicated with 

For more information on current co-op placements and to apply, contact Shannon MacKenzie at:

Call (905) 637-4446 x226

4) Group Volunteering (16+) 

For safety reasons, you must be 16 or older to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga. Suitable positions are listed in Individual Volunteer Opportunities with
Contact Melissa Foley at:

CALL (647) 470-8413

Community Partnership Opportunities

HFHHM is proud to work with local Community Organizations to support individuals that may be facing developmental and/or physical challenges. We work with your team of professionals to help find engaging volunteer opportunities whenever possible for individuals/small groups working alongside support workers.

If you are associated with a social service partner or support person and wish to volunteer or have a client volunteer, DO NOT complete the application process. Instead, contact Karen Robertson Paget with our volunteer department to discuss in more detail:

Call 905-637-4446 x287

Appointed Community Hours Opportunities

We partner with numerous community organizations that support individuals facing volunteer hours that have been appointed by court orders, diversion programs, and/or probationary agreements.

A minimum of 40 hours commitment is required.

Determining suitability of acceptance into our volunteer program will be done on an individual basis. 

Contact Karen Robertson Paget with our volunteer department to discuss in more detail:

Call 905-637-4446 x287

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Team Experiences

Whether you're a corporate team or a bunch of friends looking to give back, Habitat offers unique opportunities for groups like you. Our team experience programs are by far our most popular program for groups of over 5 people. Click the button below to learn more about participating in a Team Experience and to see what other options are available for your group.


Board of Directors Opportunities

The board of directors of an incorporated, non-profit organization is legally responsible for the governance of the organization. Within that mandate is the expectation that the board will develop, implement and monitor policies that will allow the organization to carry out its work. A board is elected by, and accountable to, its membership. While a board may appoint staff and/or committees to carry out specific work related to its policies, programs and services, the board is ultimately responsible for meeting organizational outcomes.

The Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga Governance Board of Directors is comprised of industry leaders and encompasses representation from each area of our affiliate region.

Our members bring expertise in the industries of engineering, sociology, accountancy, human resources, law, real estate, business strategies & marketing to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more about getting involved at the Board of Director level with us, please contact John Gerrard: