Spring Cleaning With Habitat’s ReStore

Spring cleaning puts you in a more productive mindset when you reduce clutter and mess, which can help you organize and prioritize what’s important to you. With the snow melting and warmer weather coming, there’s no better time to organize your home than with the arrival of spring. The goal of spring cleaning should be to surround yourself with those that make you happy in your home, one you can truly call home. Though we have all these items and appliances sitting around providing no use to us, it doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. You can help make an impact in our community by donating your furniture, appliances, housewares, home decor and electronics to our Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga ReStore.

What is the ReStore?

The ReStore is an incredible space to shop for furniture, appliances, home decor, used kitchens and more! We receive these items as donations from people and businesses, and every donation received is sold for a low cost where the money made is reinvested towards new builds in the community. Ultimately, the ReStore helps us achieve our goal of building homes for those in need. Beyond that, donations and purchases help make a lasting impact on the environment. When we recycle re-usable household items and bring them to a new home, we divert waste from the landfills and reduce our carbon footprint.

Why shop ReStore?

Habitat’s ReStore isn’t only a place to donate, it’s a great place to shop and pick up unique items. You do more than just save money at the ReStore, you directly support Habitat for Humanity and our build projects taking place in our communities. With another opportunity to help hard-working, low-income families who need a home to call their own, we are proud to offer a wide selection of used products fit for your home.

Spring cleaning is a breeze with the ReStore, head to one of our three locations in Mississauga, Milton, or Burlington!

Items you can always find include:

Couches, armchairs, dining sets, flooring, windows, doors, plumbing supplies, lighting and more!

We have three locations in Burlington, Mississauga and Milton that offer different and unique items exclusive to that location, so be sure to visit them often!

What We Offer

Along with our incredible stock of used furniture and appliances, we are also proud to offer our Free Kitchen Salvage program. Our expert group of volunteers and staff help remove what you want from your kitchen, free of charge! We take your cabinets, countertops and appliances and bring them to our ReStore. Working with contractors and individuals, we take those items free of charge to ensure you have the easiest kitchen removal. You save money on disposal fees, and your donation will help a family in need.

When you make a purchase at the ReStore, you won’t need to worry if your item is too big. Habitat will help you with those large items and deliver them to your home for a small contribution. We are proud to offer delivery at all three locations, so be sure to ask if your purchase qualify!

Is there an item you’re wishing to donate, but don’t have transportation to bring it to us? Don’t worry, our Indoor Donation Pickup Program lets us do the heavy lifting! When you donate to Habitat, you receive a Charitable Tax Receipt (valued at $100 or more) on certain In-Home Pickup item. There’s no better time to donate than today!

Make this year’s spring cleaning easier than ever, click here to find our nearest location. We hope to see you soon!