Getting Ready to Start a Kitchen Renovation?

Are you getting ready to start a kitchen renovation, and unsure what to do about the removal of your kitchen? Would you like to make money from the removal of your kitchen? The Kitchen Salvage Program through Habitat for Humanity has a team of expertly trained volunteers to help you through this process, free of charge, and receive a tax receipt for the donation! *SALVAGE OFFER BASED ON KITCHEN VALUE*

Would you like us to remove your kitchen for you, free of charge?

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What We Accept

While we do accept almost all parts of the kitchen, these are the main parts we accept: ​​

  • Kitchen Cabinets (Upper, Lower or Islands)
  • Countertops
  • Appliances (fridge, stove, dishwashers, etc.)


Program Benefits

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Tax Receipt Information

We issue tax receipts if a total donation exceeds 100$. We tax receipt all items of value that are donated.  The value is based on a Standard Pricing Guide that we follow, which is based on the highest value we believe we can sell your donations in our ReStores. That value is assessed by one of our staff who is trained in such appraisal of donations. From there the accounting department works on issuing the Tax Receipt which you can expect to see within 3 MONTHS of Donation Date. If any questions or concerns arise after receiving the tax receipt, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any cost to the program?
A: The program is completely FREE! We take everything down for free, and we don’t leave you with any disposal costs. As well you will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt for all your donated items.

Q: How long does the average salvage take?
A: On average 2-3 Hours.

Q: How much will I get for my tax receipt?
A: We cannot give an estimate as to what your tax receipt will reflect. The amount will be calculated once all items are brought to the store for pricing. We try to sell items donated for as much as we believe we can sell them for. If there is any concern once your receipt is given, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How long until I can be scheduled for a Salvage?
A: On average we can accommodate a Salvage within 1-3 weeks of first contact. This may vary.

Q: What other items do you accept/remove?
A: We are open to many items in the home. For example: Windows, doors, furniture, appliances, etc. Just ask and we will let you know.

Q: What does the whole process look like?
A: Step 1 – Collection of Donor info (Address and Pictures of donated items) Step 2 – Set up an In Person Assessment at donor convenience. Here we will answer any questions and give a final answer on date to salvage and what we can take. Step 3 – Deconstruction/Salvage.

Q: Who takes out my items?
A: As we are a Charity, we are supported by 90% volunteers. All Crew Members are volunteers that have been a part of this program for many years. There will be a Staff Member on site to load items in the truck.

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: You can contact Christopher Bava, Salvage Operations Manager, at 905-828- 0987 ext.437 or email

Q: Are you covered by insurance?
A: Yes we are. We have Commercial General Liability coverage for up to $5 Million Dollars.

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Do you have questions about our Salvage program that we haven't answered here? Call Chris Bava, our Salvage Operations Manager, at 905-828-0987 ext.437