Introducing the ReVive Kids Build Experience

Kids Build Sign in Mississauga ReVive Centre

Kids love to get creative and make stuff! They just need their imagination, some great materials designed for small hands, and a safe, encouraging environment. We know that young minds are at their best when they’re given the chance to express their creativity. That’s why Habitat is thrilled to introduce our upcoming ReVive Kids Build, the first ReVive program initiative designed specifically for kids.

Play-based learning is the future. Children are constantly making meaning of their world through play. Through the Kids Build program, they will have the opportunity to start down the Do-It-Yourself path at an early age. When kids are playing, they’re learning. Introducing them to creative DIY projects now will lay the foundation for more complex activities in the future. It’s never too early to flex those creative muscles!

In our one of a kind ReVive facility, we will offer programs specifically designed for kids in our specially designed Kids Build Workshop. Your kids will have a great time, either through our camps or birthday party events. They’ll have the chance to build independently and in groups. Every experience, we’ll enable them to create something special they can take home.

Kids Build Home Sign

Elementary school-aged kids will have the opportunity to build items in a fun, safe environment. They will develop skills and explore their creativity in a Habitat for Humanity experience. Along the way, they’ll make friendships with other like-minded campers, and will have an experience that can open the door to a lifetime of creativity and fun through DIY.

Our instructors are DIY experts and will be able to answer any questions your kids may have. They’ll also make sure every activity is accessible, safe, and fun for kids of all ages.

Kids will be exposed to the importance of community and helping others. They’ll work with our great instructors on unique Do-it-Yourself projects, encouraging creativity, competency and self-reliance. Most of all, and most importantly, your children will have an amazing time!

Kids Build Material Wall

All proceeds from the cost to participate in the program will go towards furthering our mission of building more housing for hardworking families and individuals. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming ReVive Kids Build experience!

The ReVive Kids Build experience is a program unique to Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga. For more information on what other initiatives Habitat HM has in our community head to

Our ReVive Centre is located at 4500 Dixie Road in Mississauga. Follow this link for more information on ReVive.