Innomar Strategies, building communities since 2001

Sitting at a kitchen table in Burlington in 2001, Guy Payette and his partners formed the innovative Integrated Service Model that would become Innomar Strategies. Payette recalls that the idea was born while assisting his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Payette says there were noticeable gaps in healthcare service, particularly in the areas of product access and patient care. His expertise and knowledge of how to navigate and access the system helped his mother, but it became apparent to him that some people would end up falling through the cracks without support.

The company originally specialized in market access and reimbursement consulting, and gradually expanded its capabilities to include fully integrated patient support programming, nursing support, and specialty logistics. By the end of 2008, the company had grown to have over 450 associates.

“When I started the company in 2001, I wanted to make a difference in patients’ lives by applying innovation to how pharmaceutical products were commercialized,” explains Payette. “I had a vision for designing a new model tailored to the unique needs of the Canadian healthcare marketplace.”

Today, Innomar Strategies has grown to a team of over 1,600 delivering an optimized experience to patients at every stage of their treatment journey.

While much has changed since 2001, Innomar Strategies remains a bold and innovative company with the single-minded focus of helping people in need. It was this focus that lead them to Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga’s door and The Crew-Goetz Landing build project.

With building costs on the rise and limited land available to build on, a solution was needed to help expand the pathway to homeownership and serve as many individuals in need of stable housing as possible. This innovative project, located at 2384 Queensway Drive in Burlington, will be the first of its kind in Canada and will introduce a new Habitat model. This build has the distinction of being the largest townhome complex build to date for HFHHM. It will be comprised of 18 homes with two, three and four-bedroom units. Our new deferred homeownership plan offers flexibility to our partner families while ensuring that the 18 units remain with Habitat in perpetuity. Innomar was one of the first organizations to jump on board as a Home Sponsor to support this innovative model.

Construction will begin on the Crew-Goetz landing project in the Spring with Innomar Strategies employees swinging hammers on the build site later this summer.

“This country was formed by neighbours helping neighbours,” says Payette. “For a lot of people, home ownership is just a dream, this Queensway build project will help make that dream a reality.”

For more information about Innomar Strategies, head to their website. Follow this link if you want to learn more about our build projects across Halton and Peel.