Habitat HM celebrates game-changing home ownership model, biggest-ever build project

Rain or shine, nothing was going to stop us from celebrating the launch of our Crew-Goetz Landing Build Project today. Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga welcomed supporters and members of the public to 2384 Queensway Drive for a very special announcement this morning. Those in attendance gathered to celebrate the commencement of the Crew-Goetz Landing project, the official launch of our Deferred Home Ownership model, and the announcement of $2.7 million of Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) funding from the provincial, federal and regional governments.

“With building costs on the rise and limited land available a solution was needed to help expand the pathway to homeownership to help more people in need of safe and decent housing as possible. Crew-Goetz Landing was designed as an answer to this dilemma. Our new Deferred Home Ownership plan offers flexibility to our partner families while making sure that the 18 units remain with Habitat, allowing us to help families and individuals in need of a safe and decent place to live.”

– John Gerrard, CEO Habitat Halton-Mississauga.


Our groundbreaking today was the culmination of the combined efforts of Habitat, our partners in government, and our supporters in the community. Burlington MP Karina Gould, Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon, MP Pam Damoff, Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring, and many others were in attendance to celebrate this momentous occasion.

“Our government and Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga share a commitment to provide access to safe and affordable housing for our community. It’s one of our government’s top priorities. That’s why we are proudly supporting the biggest Habitat build in Burlington history with a $945,000 provincial investment. We know that, when families have access to affordable housing, their cost of living goes down and their quality of life increases.”

– Eleanor McMahon, Burlington MPP

This groundbreaking ceremony is special. It is the biggest Habitat build in Burlington history. Eighteen units are being built for families in need. It’s also the official launch of our new model and the celebration of a brave new partnership with a regional government that truly supports building affordable housing in Halton. It was a packed house for today’s event, and we were honoured to see our community come out to support us in such force.

“All Canadians need and deserve housing that is safe and affordable. When affordable housing is in short supply, Canadians feel less secure and our whole economy suffers.  Last year, the federal government launched the first-ever National Housing Strategy to strengthen the middle class, promote growth, and improve the lives of all Canadians.  The innovative Crew-Goetz Landing Build Project is a great example of government and communities coming together to build affordable, safe housing and get more Canadians on a path to homeownership.”

– Pam Damoff, MP Oakville North-Burlington


Our new Deferred Home Ownership model is truly game-changing. It blends the line between traditional home ownership and renting. It benefits partner families, Habitat, and our shared community of Halton by allowing our families to move freely within the partnership without penalty, and without cost to our affiliate. Our new model is still a pathway to home ownership, it simply offers families more flexibility than our traditional partnership and ensures housing in Halton will remain truly affordable.

The government has demonstrated incredible support for this innovative project, making it the first partnership of its kind with Habitat. By joining us in this unique project, they will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are providing more affordable homes for families in our community. Today was a celebration of several milestones, but it was also a gathering of support for the work that is to come. Alongside our partners, in the community and in government, with our volunteers, staff and board members, we are all working towards the same goal of safe and affordable housing for all.

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga’s impact in our community follow this link.


Crew-Goetz Update – June 18, 2018

Construction at 2384 Queensway Drive in Burlington is now underway! Follow the link to see the latest images of the largest and most ambitious build in Habitat HM history.