9 Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom with ReStore Finds

Revamp your bedroom with used furniture from the ReStore.

You spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in the house. If you’re tired of how your room looks, but don’t want to drop thousands of dollars transforming the space, we’re here to help. Shop used furniture from the ReStore and use these nine inexpensive finds to revamp your bedroom in just one weekend, bringing to life the sanctuary of your dreams. 

1. Bold chair

A bold striped chair from our ReStore A bold flamingo-patterned chair from the ReStore

A chair can make the perfect addition to your bedroom, bringing both utility and flair. Whether you want a plush, comfy armchair you can sink into while you read the morning paper, or if you prefer a sturdy, simple chair you can use to lay out your clothes in the morning, you’ll get a lot of use out of this handy piece of furniture.

If your room has a simple design, bringing in an accent chair can be the perfect way to spice things up. This look is especially impactful in a room with light-toned walls, against which the chair’s brilliant colours will really pop. Have some fun with your choice – maybe the vibrant stripes stand out to you or maybe the flamingo upholstery will add just the right amount of playfulness to your space.

2. Captivating artwork

Colourful art from the ReStore Monochromatic flowers print Sunflower and flower art

If you feel like something’s missing from your room, but you can’t quite place your finger on exactly what it is, the culprit is likely a lack of artwork. Art brings such a quality of warmth and personality to any space. It’s the perfect way to express your tastes so that you can truly make the space your own.

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate with art, so let your emotions be your guide. Whether you enjoy more simplistic pieces, like a monochromatic photograph, or if you prefer the swirling colours in a painted masterpiece, feel free to mix and match with whatever you’re drawn to. Choosing artwork with a splash of colour can be a great way to tie together other accents within your room. The yellow sunflowers will perfectly compliment a yellow throw pillow on your bed and a striped yellow area rug.

3. Statement mirror

Decorative over sized mirror from the ReStore Small decorative mirror from the ReStore Decorative over sized mirror from the ReStore

Mirrors are a powerful way to completely transform the look of a room. Not only do they add a decorative touch, they’re also a great way to open up  your space by making it feel bigger and brighter.

Large mirrors are perfect for using reflections to make your room look larger than it actually is. When you start adding different pieces of furniture to your bedroom, it can begin to feel a bit cramped. But if you’re too attached to part with your chunky dresser, simply adding some oversized mirrors can be the perfect solution.

Choosing an ornately framed mirror allows the piece to act as the centerpiece of your wall. It draws the eye to its intricate design and adds a stunning touch of elegance to any space. Statement mirrors are also complimented nicely when flanked on both sides by wall art.

4. Record wall art

Box of records for sale in the ReStore
Pinterest record wall art project

Picture taken and project created by Mom It Forward on Pinterest.

We have a large collection of records for sale, and this simple project will take you only minutes to bring to life. Record wall art brings a wonderful vintage touch to the room, balanced by its modern simplicity. You can choose to display your favourite artists or pick out the records by the colour of its label.

To recreate this project by Mom It Forward on Pinterest, you’ll only need a few basic materials: vinyl records (she used nine), sheet music, scissors and a heavy-duty glue stick. First, cut a circle out of the sheet music that’s slightly larger than the record label. Then, glue your circles to the centre of the records and hang them up in an arrangement you like. Alternatively, you can skip the sheet music step and appreciate the records’ traditional beauty.

5. Unique lighting fixture

Stunning light fixture from our ReStore Light fixture from our Burlington ReStore

Lighting can completely change the look of your space, depending on both the tone of the bulb and the fixture. Switching from a white-toned bulb to one with more of a yellow hue can make your room feel much cozier and more inviting.

Lighting doesn’t have to be all practical; your ceiling light fixture is a great opportunity to add drama, whimsy and charm. Don’t shy away from picking out a unique light, as it allows you to really kick the room’s style up a notch.

If you’re looking to make your light the centrepiece of the room, then a chandelier is the way to go. The way it refracts light will give the space an ethereal beauty, making your bedroom feel like an idyllic getaway. Pendant lights also come in many varied styles, and you can pick one out that really pulls together pieces within the room. 

6. Colourful crates

Colourful crates for sale in our ReStores are a great storage solution

One thing that bedrooms seem to have no shortage of is junk. If you find that every inch of shelf and desk space is taken up by various knick-knacks and trinkets, it’s probably time to bring in some storage solutions.

While some people opt to delegate a drawer for junk, you don’t necessarily have to lose out on dresser space. By bringing in one or two of our fun storage crates, you can organize your loose items and add a pop of colour. Many of our crates are also built on wheels for easy rearranging.

7. Funky Vase

Colourful vases for sale in our ReStores Colourful vases for sale in our ReStores Colourful vases for sale in our ReStores

When revamping your room, the most impactful changes can lie in the smallest details; these tiny touches can really pull together everything else you’ve done. When it comes down to the specifics, many people forget or simply don’t bother with them.

The addition of elements like a funky vase is a great way to have fun with decorating. If you see a unique style that matches your aesthetic, bring it home and see what inspires you. Maybe you’ll fill it with a delicate bundle of fresh roses to add a flair of elegance or use a big bold vase and fill it with a few branches or sticks to place by your door.

8. Teacup planter

Teacup for sale in the ReStore
Teacup planter DIY project

Photo taken and project created by Stephanie Garden Rose Therapy on Pinterest.

Our ReStores have a wide collection of delicate teacups, but if tea parties aren’t your style, these stunning antiques can make for lovely room décor. With this simple DIY project from Stephanie Rose Garden Therapy on Pinterest, you can turn this teacup into a beautiful planter.

Recreating this piece is as simple as filling a little soil in the bottom of the teacup, placing your plant of choice inside and adding a little soil around the sides and top of the plant until it’s secure. While violas were used for this project, any small plant would work. You could use succulents, daisies or even grow your own tiny herb garden.

9. Upcycled dresser

Many items available for sale in our ReStores are one-of-a-kind pieces upcycled in our ReVive Centre. ReVive is our workshop for breathing new life into old items. Look at the magic our centre can work, taking this piece from outdated and rundown to modern and chic. 

Before picture of dresser in ReVive



Dresser for sale in our ReStore Dresser for sale in our ReStore

Aside from providing a large amount of storage space for your wardrobe, dressers can also be a stylish asset when designing your room. You can choose a simple, sophisticated design or opt for a dresser that’s more vibrant. 

Use the top of your dresser as an opportunity to make the most of your space. Rather than using it as a dumping ground for random items, you can arrange items already within your room to create a stunning focal piece. You can set a mirror atop the dresser and lean it against the wall, to lend both openness to the room and a reflection to get ready in front of. Adding your funky vase, a few photographs and some bottles of perfume or cologne is all you need to decorate your dresser, combining both utility and style.

Shop used furniture from the ReStore to revamp your room!

All of these pieces are finds from our ReStores, and with hundreds of items donated daily, you never know what treasures you’ll find the next time you visit. Our stores are also the perfect place to find inspiration. With so many items at affordable prices, let your creativity inspire you and see which DIY projects you can recreate using finds from our ReStores.

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By: Olivia Kabelin