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There are millions of people living in the Greater Toronto Area, and many of those live with unwanted furniture cluttering their homes. This might be because these items were replaced, worn out or left the owners with no use for them. When getting rid of these items, the first instinct shouldn’t be to throw them to the curb. Many of these items still have value, and a handful of charities or second-hand chains would be willing to take them off your hands. This way, you’ll be sure your furniture gets the use it can still provide while being put to its best use.

Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga

At Habitat for Humanity, we offer free furniture pickup for your new and gently used items! You directly contribute to our efforts in providing safe and affordable homes when donating to Habitat for Humanity. Several items we receive end up in our ReStore, where the funds generated through our sales go towards building safe, decent and affordable homes for families in need.

Items that are donated include new and gently used furniture, building materials, appliances, cabinetry, sinks, countertops, household and decor items. The ReStore then sells those donated items to the public at a reduced cost, typically 30-70 percent less than the original retail value. For a full list of what we’ll take from you, be sure to check out our list of acceptable donation items here.

Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga serves the cities of Burlington, Mississauga, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Oakville and Milton. To donate outside of these regions, be sure to check out other Habitat affiliates. If you would like to donate with free furniture pickup, be sure to check out other Habitat locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Many offer similar services, but be sure to check out what locations offer which ones on their website.

Habitat Niagara offers free furniture pickup at their location, but you can also schedule a salvage pick up. Their team of volunteers will leave your house contractor-ready, help protect the environment by making sure the right objects are saved from the landfill, and will do so free of charge.

Habitat for Humanity GTA offers drop-offs during store hours, scheduling a salvage as well as free furniture pickup.

Habitat Hamilton also accepts furniture, appliances, housewares and other decor merchandise donations for their ReStore.

Donate Today

It’s important to be conscious when getting rid of used furniture. When moving to a new home or renovating, be sure to remember that your unwanted items can still hold value to someone who is in need. With Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, we offer free furniture pickup. Whether it be at home, the office, wherever. Make a difference in your community today by donating to Habitat Halton-Mississauga, and help us achieve our goal of building houses for those in need. To schedule your free furniture pickup with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, book online, contact us or call (905) 828-0987 ext. 427.

If you don’t live in a Habitat for Humanity pick up area check out our list of other furniture and appliance donation centres. Some of these organizations even offer free furniture pickup!

Diabetes Canada

With dozens of drop off donation bins across Halton, Diabetes Canada’s donation program directly supports diabetes research, education and advocacy with the National Diabetes Trust. Although they don’t accept large furniture donations, they accept small household appliances, a variety of textiles and fabrics, along with electronics and sporting equipment. Diabetes Canada also has a partnership with Value Village, where they are responsible for soliciting, furniture pick up and delivering goods to their locations. Through this partnership, they raise over 6 million towards diabetes research a year. They also offer home pick up, where you can schedule an appointment here. Check out their list of donation bins to see if there is one in your area.

Value Village

A retail store that defies typical expectations for secondhand shopping, Value Village has been at the forefront of the secondhand industry. Value Village accepts several types of small furniture, as well as textiles and other goods such as toys, media, kitchen utensils, outdoor and exercise equipment, and other knickknacks. They partner with over 100 not-for-profit groups, including Diabetes Canada as listed above. With the purchasing of merchandise from their non-for-profit partners, they directly support these organizations with their missions and help them to achieve their goals. There are over 300 locations in the United States and Canada, and operate several locations in the GTA. Visit their website to see a full list of acceptable donations, and to find the closest Value Village location near you.


Goodwill is where those who are budget-savvy and environmentally conscious can find household items for a fraction of the retail cost. They accept large furniture donations, and attendants will help unload your items. You can find out if your nearest Goodwill location accepts furniture donations by contacting them through their website contact form. Through their employment services, Goodwill Amity Group provides skill development, job preparation, hands-on training and experience to those who have difficulty entering the workforce. Selling a donation to Goodwill will help support these employment and training services so those with disabilities and other barriers to employment can begin their careers.

For more information on their furniture donation program, and to find your closest Goodwill location, visit their website.

Just Junk

With locations in Hamilton, Mississauga and Burlington, Just Junk will remove almost everything, and do it within 24 hours. The company removes furniture, appliances, wood and even construction and home renovation debris. Just Junk will remove any item from cabinets to sofa-beds, and depending on the item, it will either be recycled or donated to a local charity such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. Just Junk will provide a free onsite estimate, and when they arrive they are ready to begin to remove all items you wish.

A full list of retrievable items can be found by visiting Just Junk’s website, and you can schedule your pickup by calling 1-888-586-5888.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

A worldwide organization founded in 1865, the Salvation Army aims to help those that are in need. The Thrift Store takes the profit earned through the sale of donated items and puts it toward their social programs and services. They accept gently-used donations of furniture, as well as items such as clothing and new, sealed products. Items that aren’t sold or unfit are recycled with ethical recycling partners. The Salvation Army provides free furniture pickups for three items minimum, granted you live in the area they service.

You can find the closest Salvation Army Thrift Store location by using the store locator on their website. Be sure to also check out their FAQ on donating here.


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