Updates from the Volunteer Recognition Team

Your volunteer experience is important to us! We are striving to ensure that our commitment to you is as much at the forefront of our everyday operations as yours is to us. Building consistency with our volunteer engagement and growing our volunteer program in a way that fits your needs is more important than ever to us. Based on your feedback about how you like to be recognized for your extraordinary achievements, we are taking action to help ensure your time with us is time well spent! We are happy to share with our wonderful volunteers, a more well-rounded volunteer recognition program that takes into account all the things you say are important to you when it comes to your volunteer experience with us!

We appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into working with us each day. As a result, we have added two extra tiers to our volunteer awards that many of you are already familiar with. These tiered awards now start at 500 hours with a Habitat Hoodie you can wear with pride! Once you hit 5000 hours we believe that a lifetime achievement commemoration is definitely in order… more details on that at our Annual Volunteer Celebration!

What’s a volunteer experience without a little fun and socializing with the friends you’ve made here? You’ve already seen it happen at this May’s Blue Jays game we took in and we want to give you more of it! Prepare yourself for more just like that as a way of thanking you and keeping you in our social loop! Don’t worry, when our social events are planned you will be the first to know!

Speaking of fun…we are putting the ‘Fun’ back into fundraising. We will be holding a lottery for our volunteers for future Habitat fundraising events. Through sponsorship, these lotteries, such as the 2017 Golf Classic will provide some of our volunteers the opportunity to take part in our regular fundraising events. You deserve to be a part of all we do!

You said it, training and development plays a big part in the success of your roles with us and something that we all feel very strongly about. It is essential for us as individuals as well as the growth of our organization as a whole. In the coming year we will work towards providing you opportunities to expand and learn in new areas to help you achieve more in the areas that interest you and keep us all moving forward together. Stay tuned!

Understanding all facets of our organization’s day to day operations ensures you are a part of our progression. As we continue to evolve and grow, we want you to know more about who we are, where we came from and where we’re going in all departments, including how our volunteers impact our goals. Our new series called ‘In The Director’s Chair’ will allow you to come out in an informal setting to connect with our Directors and ask all those questions you’ve been dying to have answered. Dates on these will begin soon and we’ll keep you posted!

Our volunteers are the key to our successes! We hope that these new opportunities in the coming months will add value to your daily with us. We encourage you to continue to share with us what is important to you in your daily roles as well as what you would like to see more of in the future. We look forward to sharing great times with each of you and we wish you a wonderful summer!

The HFHHM Volunteer Recognition Team