4 Reasons to ‘Tidy Up’ and Donate Your Furniture

Tidy up and donate your furniture at Habitat

Netflix took the world by storm when Marie Kondo came along and offered tips on how to ‘tidy up’ your home with her new hit TV series. From saving space to achieving peace of mind, one great habit that stemmed from Kondo’s show was the increase in material donations. While its focus remains on clothing and sentimental items, Habitat encourages you to take a step further and look at your furniture, too.

At Habitat Halton-Mississauga, we accept a variety of items including kitchens, cabinetry, sinks, home furniture, office supplies and furniture, seasonal tools and supplies, working appliances, home decor, lighting fixtures and more. These donations are then sold at our ReStore for a low cost where money is reinvested to pay for new builds in the community.

Here are four reasons why donating to Habitat’s ReStore is a great opportunity for you:

Less clutter, more joy!

One major tip in the KonMari tidy up method is to look at your stuff and ask if it ‘sparks joy’. Is there a room in your basement or a section in your garage that you store furniture you never use? This is a great place to start. Do you need this item? Is it useful? Or will it stay here for another year? Consider taking this furniture to one of our ReStores where it can be polished up and used for a good purpose.

Save money with a tax return

When you donate your furniture or used items to a recognized charity like Habitat for Humanity, you’ll be able to write off your donations of $100 or more and get a tax return. Feel good about giving back, whether you’re an individual or a business – just remember to keep your receipts to include with your documents.

Help the environment

We know about recycling, saving energy and saving water, but how often do you upcycle? Donating your used furniture items is a great way to help the environment because it takes a load off the landfill. According to Ontario’s previous environmental watchdog, the province racks up about “one tonne of waste per person” with 75 per cent of it ending up in a landfill. Much of this could be reduced by shopping secondhand or donating. Consider dropping by one of our ReStores before sending your furniture to the curb on your next junk day.

Give back to your community

If your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to tidy up, maybe it was to give back. Donating your furniture to Habitat helps to generate funds for build projects. Every single ReVive donation or ReStore purchase is circled back into the community and used to help low-income families afford housing costs. Your donations stretch far and wide with Habitat.

Tidy up and donate your furniture at Habitat

By contributing to Habitat for Humanity’s mission, you show that you care about helping the community that surrounds you. Declutter, save money, help the planet and feel good – just don’t forget to thank your items when they leave!

To get started, visit our ReStore page to learn more about how you can give back or contact pickup@habitathm.ca / (905) 828-0987 ext. 427 to schedule a free pickup from your garage, driveway, office or moving room.


By: Michelle Morin