Summer DIY projects for your backyard

A nice greenhouse with a chair in it.

Are you unsure of what to do with old furniture that is just collecting dust in your attic? Tired of having a plain, boring backyard? Sounds like a summer DIY project is the solution to all of your problems!

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you spruce up your backyard during the summer!

Outdoor backyard table

Just add a splash of bright summer colours to turn your worn-out indoor table into an engaging outdoor table for your backyard where you can entertain guests. You can also construct your own table using cheap pallets and finishing up with bright coloured paint. Pallets can also be used to create lounge chairs, patio sets and wooden benches. Make sure to sand down any wooden material before painting!

Tile-top table

Place mosaic tiles onto a used coffee table or any other small table to freshen it up a bit. Read this article on how to safely and effectively do tile installation from a tile expert.  This will soon become your preferred table to serve drinks on during a hot summer day!

Bird feeders

This is a great activity that even younger children can help out with. There are several ways to create this: 1. Go the old-fashioned route and tie a flower pot or mason jar to a tree branch, 2. Glue old tea cups to wooden stakes in your garden and fill them with bird feed, or 3. Cut a hole in recycled bottles and tie them from a tree branch.

Plant Drawer

If you have some old drawers that are not being used, you can recycle them into unique planters. Simply paint them over in a bright colour and plant flowers of your choice.  You can place your flowers just about anywhere, even in your bathtub (although I would not recommend it).


Want to read your favourite novel in a comfy area? Create a daybed on your patio using wooden planks and a mattress. Start by building a frame for the mattress and then attach either wooden boards or industrial pipes to support the mattress.Top it off with a few personalized cushions and you are good to go.

Mason jar lanterns

A perfect way to save electricity and brighten up your night! Find a few empty mason jars and fill them up halfway with pebbles. Add a candle light and then light them up at night! You can place them on a table or have them be suspended with twine or rope.

Hammock swing

Relax under the shade and feel the breeze this summer with a homemade hammock swing. You will need a large cotton beach towel, heavyweight cotton canvas, rope, zip-ties and cotton twine. Head on over to Design Sponge for instructions on how to set it up.

Outdoor movie screen

Movie nights will never be the same again once you install this in your backyard. A basic white sheet or tarp will do and you can hang it from a wire, preferably attached to two trees. Grab some friends and a few pillows and you are well on your way to creating new summer memories.

General DIY tips


  1. Always keep safety in mind when working on a DIY project
  2. Always wear appropriate protection (such as gloves and eye-wear)
  3. Never try to use a tool (especially a power tool) for any task it was not designed to do.
  4. Never wear loose clothing, hanging hair or jewellery when using power tools.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using power tools
  6. Be aware of your surroundings
  7. Have fun!

Where to find DIY materials

The entrance to a Habitat ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity Restore locations sell hundreds of items to the public, ranging from furniture and appliances to tools and building supplies. These items were donated by corporations and homeowners to our Restores and are sold for 30 to 70 per cent of their original value. If you are looking for a particular item that you can not seem to find in your household, come have a look at one of our Restores.

Also, if you are looking for insights on painting your furniture, look up From the Attic Interiors. They are a company based in Paris, Ontario that offer custom painting services at fair rates, with a beautiful selection of paint colours to choose from. You can contact them through their email or give them a call: (519) 302-8356.

If you are having trouble with finding a particular furniture item at our Restores, there are several other organizations that you can visit as well. See the list below for more information, or check out our blog post about where to donate used furniture in the GTA:

Salvation Army

Burlington Contact Information: 905-633-8762  or

Oakville Contact Information: 905-845-2351 or

Milton Phone Number: 905-864-0948

Mississauga Phone Number: 905-270-6275

Value Village*


Burlington Contact Information: 289-812-0247

Oakville Contact Information: 905-829-1213


Donation Phone Number: (800) GOODWILL


*For-profit organization that accepts donations

Get your DIY on!

If you have any other creative ideas on how to repurpose furniture, visit our ReVive Centre where you can transform donated items into works of art which will then sold at our ReStore locations. The ReVive centre is an excellent way to reduce the amount of products entering landfills and are instead repurposed to be sold to a new home. To learn more information about our ReVive centre click here.

By: Jasminder Khehra