Lights, Camera, ACTON!

After two years of proposals, applications, agreements, and construction – our home in Acton is ready for its family.

Our Bett-Knowlton Build Project, like so many other great projects, began with a conversation. Two years ago, our affiliate made the decision to redefine our definition of family beyond the traditional idea of two parents and children. We decided that if our vision was to help everyone have a safe and decent place to live, then we would have to change a somewhat outdated idea of a family. At our affiliate, we understand families come in all shapes and sizes. We believe the people you share shelter, comfort and security with are your family.

With our new mindset, we began to reach out to other local not-for-profits to see who would be interested in working together on a build project. Community Living North Halton were interested in seeing how we could work together to help people in the community, and a new partnership was born.

Because of this first conversation, a new partnership, and a home for four gentlemen with autism has been built. It has been retrofitted to suit their individual needs and will allow them to live their lives in safety, comfort and happiness.

When hearing of this project our corporate donor Whirlpool Canada immediately committed to being the home sponsor of this unique build.

There is still a need for landscaping on the property. This will have to wait until spring to be completed. We are currently looking for an organization to provide landscaping and fencing prior to the family’s move-in day – which will be announced at a later time.

The Bett-Knowlton Build Project would have never been possible without the support from local businesses and community partners in Acton. When our build was delayed, it was you who helped us over the line with your support and generous donations.

This build is a huge accomplishment for our affiliate. The success of this project, in our eyes, opens the door to so many new possibilities in the future.

We are always looking to help more families and individuals find safe, decent and secure places to live. If your organization, business, or not-for-profit has an idea about how they can collaborate with Habitat Halton-Mississauga to make our community a better place to live, reach out to us. Our office number is 905-637-4446. We look forward to hearing from you.