Volunteer Spotlight: Amoy Sue

Meet Amoy Sue.

Amoy has been a volunteer at the Mississauga branch ReStore for over five years.

“I keep coming back because I enjoy the hands-on work and I enjoy sharing my experience to help others learn.” she says. Amoy works hard to spread her knowledge with customers and new volunteers alike.

In her five years with Habitat, Amoy has donated 2,700 hours of her time to us. “I usually work six hours a day and five days a week, I basically work full-time!” she says while laughing. When asked about her goal for volunteering, Amoy replied, “I really had no set goal, I just knew that I wanted to be here to help those in need and to spread inspiration.”

Amoy’s favourite part about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is the people. “It gives me so much joy to share knowledge, inspire and motivate others to look at things different,” she says.

“The volunteers I see are all different ages, different genders yet we all share the same goal of changing the world for the better,” Amoy says.

Amoy says she likes how receptive the ReStore staff is. “I enjoy the staff and they listen to me when I want to speak with them about anything. It is always pleasant being here,” she says. “I have days where things are a little hectic but never bad, I enjoy all aspects of being here.”


“It humbles me that I can give back. I get joy out of it and I hope others do too.”


Amoy was asked how she found out about Habitat. “Through them building homes and seeing the good they did.”

Originally hearing about the work Habitat for Humanity was doing the United States, Amoy wanted to help out in her own community. “Since I’ve retired I made it a goal to work here (in Mississauga) because it is my home and I didn’t want to have to go into Toronto.”

“Although it’s a fair commute from my home I don’t allow the distance to prevent me,” she said. “The first building was near to my house, the new one is further away yet I still come.”

“It humbles me that I can give back,” she added. “I get joy out of it and I hope others do too.”

If you, or someone you know is looking for similar experience working in an office environment, Habitat HM is always in need of more volunteers. Click here for all the details.