Summer Student Profile: Meet Boosani Ncube

Boosani Ncube wants to change people’s lives and leave a mark on the world. This, he said, will fulfill him. One way Boosani hopes to achieve these goals is through his work as an engineer. Currently going into his second year of studying civil engineering at Humber College, he aspires to do structural design. He is hoping to help homeless people through building houses, for example; and this relates to his summer job.

Boosani works at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga as a Warehouse Associate. His role involves completing tasks in the warehouse, like lifting, tidying and fixing products. He has learned to “assemble tables (and) bed frames” as well as sweep the warehouse and bring items out onto the floor. The variety of his work relates to his area of study because engineering “branches off into a lot of things, so the general labour stuff (relates). Getting into it right now (will make) it easier for me in the future,” he said.

Boosani has had previous volunteer experience at Nyce, a youth group that offers events and activities for young people. He worked in the kitchen during events like a Boston Pizza dinner, because, he said with a smile, he loves to cook. His other hobbies include art, drawing, dance and occasionally playing sports.

In his mission to make a difference in the world, Boosani has a strong figure to look up to. He cites his inspiration as Martin Luther King Jr. “He was able to stand up for what he believes in, no matter what people said about him. That makes me respect him a lot,” Boosani said.

Ultimately, Boosani is making progress on his lofty goals through his work at Habitat. He said that his favourite thing about working at Habitat is that “the people are friendly, you learn a lot of stuff and you’re also giving back to the community.”