Introducing Our First GAP Housing Unit: Keeping the #CostOfHome Affordable for All

Habitat HM's first GAP housing unit is in Arc Condominiums GAP housing unit in Arc Condom In the midst of our country’s affordable housing crisis, it’s not only low-income families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Those making a moderate income are often neglected in the discussion of housing, despite the fact that they still can’t afford to own a home. The City of Mississauga recognizes these individuals as the “missing middle” within the housing continuum. Habitat HM is facilitating the municipality’s vision, where middle-income households are able to move into homes that meet both their budget and lifestyle needs, by introducing this housing option as a way to fill this “gap” that currently exists within the homeownership market. We’re rolling out this option with our newest build partnership with the Daniels Corporation: a condo located within the Arc Condominiums in Mississauga. Habitat HM’s GAP Homeownership Located in the heart of Mississauga at 2520 Eglinton Avenue West, Arc Condominium is the perfect pilot home for our GAP housing launch. The building is a dramatically curved 19-storey tower that rises like a beacon over the city’s skyline.Photo of the kitchen in our GAP housing unit. Th...Read More

Habitat HM Supports Mississauga’s Housing GAP and the “Missing Middle”

GAP housing is Habitat HM's new housing model. Individuals who fall just beyond the criteria for affordable housing are often neglected in the discussion of housing and the city of Mississauga recognizes them as the “missing middle” within the housing continuum. This represents an individual who falls into “GAP”: someone making a moderate income and who still can’t afford to own a home.  Here at Habitat HM, we prioritize making homeownership accessible and affordable for all. This is why we’ll be supporting the city of Mississauga’s affordable housing program, specifically GAP housing. We’re a prominent housing provider for affordable homes within the city and we’re using this model as a way to help bridg...Read More

Canadian Housing Affordability

housing affordability A National Crisis Toronto and Vancouver are two of the wealthiest cities in Canada and even they have failed to meet the housing needs of low-income families. And it isn’t just low-income households that are struggling with this lack of housing affordability, even middle-income families are now having issues finding appropriate housing options in these affluent cities. To simplify Canada’s affordable housing crisis, real estate brokerage, Zoocasa, has visualized how long it would take a median-earning household to save for a down payment on a typically priced house in 15 different Canadian cities. Image courtesy of Zoocasa Shockingly, their survey has found that it would take the average household 52 years to save for a down payment for a house in Vancouver, and that’s when saving 20% of the median income every single year. By comparison, it would take 32 years to save up for a home in Toronto, which is still a staggering result. Canada by Comparison The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has recently published a report “Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge” that addresses housing affordability around the world...Read More

Bold New Housing Strategy Makes Transitional Housing Priority

Habitat Housing Hub Rendering On September 5, 2019, a bold new housing strategy was announced at our Crew-Goetz build site. Halton Multicultural Council, Halton Women’s Place, Milton Transitional Housing, and Summit Housing & Outreach Programs joined forces with Habitat Halton-Mississauga to support our unique plan to combat the lack of transitional housing in the region. Transitional housing is crucial to support the progress of persons and families going through shelter systems. It serves as the next step for many of those working through crisis, offering an affordable and supportive environment for a fresh start. Due to housing prices sky-rocketing over the years, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to find affordable housing. With nowhere else to turn, these persons and families are being forced to stay in the shelters for much longer, keeping these integral organizations at max capacity. Habitat HM has a particularly long-standing relationship with Halton Women’s Place, who provides sh...Read More

Cost of Living and the Canadian Housing Market

Photo by Zia Syed on Unsplash The cost of living is defined as “the amount of money that a person needs to live”, which is a person’s ability to afford food, shelter and other essentials needed to survive. If we expand this, it is the amount of money needed for sustaining a quality of life that includes access to basic expenses. The cost of living is very often used as a factor for determining different metrics. The affordability of a city can be characterized by the average cost of living for their residents, the wealth and purchasing power of an individual ca...Read More

Has Policy Created the Housing Shortage?

Chris Castro The law of supply and demand is strongly recognizable in the housing market, far more visible compared to most markets. Supply refers to the development of houses and the total amount of units available for buyers, whereas demand depends on the household that will live there – such as, their requirements and their annual income. In theory, a high demand can fuel higher supply, but this is not always the case. With a high demand and lack of supply, the price of housing can rise exponentially – which in turn decreases the ...Read More

Refugee Influx in the midst of a Housing Crisis

Habitat for Humanity Hope Builder ProgramFrom coast-to-coast, Canada showcases its diversity through a multitude of ethnic backgrounds. Though more prevalent in major Canadian cities (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver), our smaller communities also see visible minorities and new immigrants. These new Canadians come from all over the world looking for a place to call home. Recently, Canada has seen an influx in refugees. Unfortunately, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is experiencing a housing crisis and has been for several years. With a lack of affordable housing available, these comm...Read More

Economic Impacts of Affordable Housing

gta housing chuttersnap Owning a home is a dream for most, but with currently 93,000 families receiving financial aid for rent and down payments, how long must Canadian’s risk their future for housing today? There are several benefits to being a homeowner that are difficult to measure accurately, such as mental health, dignity and general well-being, but what about the effects we can measure? Having an affordable home leads to a happier life, and produces outcomes most take for granted. The ability to spend more income on nutritious food, more time spent with friends and loved ones and more access to activities to promote healthy living are all available when you’re not worried about making your rent or paying a mortgage. With m...Read More

Letter from the CEO: Building a better future together

When I started at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, I signed on to help build a world where every person has a place to call their own. As the CEO of my affiliate, my responsibility for achieving this goal falls within the catchment area of Halton and Mississauga. However, that does not make me blind to the dozens of Habitats in Canada working to do the same thing in their own communities. For those that are unaware, Habitat for Humanity operates on an affiliate structure. Although we all work under the Habitat for Humanity banne...Read More

Oakville Community Foundation gives a hand up to Habitat HM

Oakville Community Foundation's logo Everything Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga accomplishes is thanks to the support we get from the community. From our volunteers on our build sites, to the individual donors, to our partners in government, we are able to build homes because of the support we receive. That’s why we’re so grateful to the Oakville Community Foundation for awarding our new Habitat Handyman program $18,000 through the GIVE Oakville grant for purchasing new tools and a trailer. Oakville Community Foundation offers Habitat HM a hand up with GIVE GrantHabitat Handyman is a multi-faceted program that offers contractor services within our community. The work we do is offered to homeowners, renters, seniors aging in place, single parents, new Canadians and multi-generational families. funding building of more safe and affordable homes. The purpose of the program is to help close the equity gap, and to increase the quality of housing for people in our community. Anyone needing help with repairs or renovations should reach out to our Handyman coordinator. Find out how by following this link. Ha...Read More