Low cost repairs for your home with Habitat Handyman

Habitat Handyman will offer local families of low and middling incomes an opportunity to live in the comfort and safety of a place they already call home.

Let’s face it, contractors are expensive. And just like everyone else, low-income families and seniors need to make repairs and do renovations on their homes. Unfortunately, because of the high costs associated with renovations, many people are priced out of the option to make repairs to their home. Keeping up with home repair is difficult for low to medium income homes. Not only do homes require upkeep and maintenance but many seniors will require their home to be made accessible to the changes in ability that comes with age. The sudden appearance of household needs and repairs can be a huge strain on homeowners. That’s why we are so excited about Habitat for Humanity new program’s potential to make existing homes more accessible and repairs more affordable than ever before through high quality, low cost renovations.

If you are having a hard time finding someone to do a renovation that fits within your budget, Habitat for Humanity’s brand new Habitat Handyman program may be the answer you have been looking for. Habitat Handyman’s expert team offers an affordable handyman service, the likes of which the Greater Toronto Area has never seen.

Low cost renovations for low to medium income seniors and families

The Habitat Handyman service was introduced for the interest of senior citizens in the Halton and Peel regions. We saw an opportunity to better serve a portion of the population through low cost renovations. Seniors who wish to stay within their community may need repairs to their home. Habitat for Humanity wishes to make these members of our community feel like their homes remain comfortable and decent. Habitat Handyman is an outreach to seniors to keep them living happily in the comfort of their own home. Seniors homes need to be retrofitted to accommodate their specific needs, a safety bar in the shower, stair lifts, or even just minor repairs to ensure daily safety. Less than one percent of homes are wheelchair accessible. Through Habitat Handyman, we expect that to change in our region.


About our team

The contractors who are part of our Habitat Handyman program are local handymen who have the necessary training for a wide variety of tasks and projects. No task is too small for our contractors. A bathroom mirror that needs lowering or a new handrail is completely within the scope of this one of a kind service. When you use Habitat Handyman, you can expect the best in home renovations. Habitat Handyman renovates and repair anywhere in the home that you see fit. Handymen are guaranteed to be bonded and insured. The risk to your home is largely reduced, with the added benefit of having the Habitat brand behind the handyman in your house. On top of that, the price is right. You’ll find our quotes for our low cost renovations pricing stream to be well below market for a similar job.

Working with a contractor for the first time can be risky, there’s no telling what this person may charge, or how good of a job they’ll do. The first time you work with someone, you may not feel entirely comfortable with them in your house. That is no longer an issue with Habitat Handyman. Habitat for Humanity is an internationally recognized charity devoted to ensuring everyone has a safe and decent place to live. We only work with people we have complete confidence in getting your job done right, safely and efficiently. 

What can be done for my home?

Habitat Handyman can do a wide and complete range of tasks in and around your house. We can do jobs for both the interior and exterior of your home. New fencing can be installed, deck repair and landscaping work can be done. We can install specific accessibility services for easier use of your home fitting your personal needs. Basement renovation services will have your basement looking complete and usable. Restoration to many parts of your home can be done. When you have a new appliance or furnishing for your home, Habitat Handyman can offer installation services as well as assembly services.

How to Book an Appointment and Receive a quote

If Habitat Handyman seems like the right service for you, then book an appointment and get one of one of our professional and reliable handymen to your door. You can schedule an estimate through our program manager Emily Johnson at .

Requests for services must include letting us know about the scope of the work in order for us to give you a quote. Include details on what project you need our assistance with: Home repairs, or room renovations or improvement of accessibility. This first step will establish an understanding between you and your general contractor so that the project can begin in a timely manner.


How does Habitat Handyman help our community?

Through research and a desire to find the best way to help those in need, Habitat decided that the low to medium income senior population would most benefit from an affordable home improvement project.

Habitat Handyman furthers the goal of Habitat for Humanity by providing home improvement in the community. Making your current home more livable is certainly easier for everyone than uprooting yourself to find an entirely new living situation. Low cost renovations through Habitat Handyman will make it possible for seniors and families to live in their current homes longer in comfort and security.

If you’d like to find out more information about Habitat Handyman, and you live in Halton or Peel Regions please contact Emily Johnson at

Written by Matthew Brizland