Kitchen Renovation with Habitat Handyman

kitchen renovationThe Habitat Handyman Program is one of our new programs we’ve proudly been offering our community since the fall of 2018. The service offers repairs to all areas of your home, including accommodation and kitchen renovations. General contractor prices can have high costs, and with home repair being difficult for low-income families to afford, it can create a barrier leaving some unable to access these services. Not being able to keep up with repairs can affect safety, especially seniors or those with living with accessibility issues. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or maintenance to your outdoor deck, we are proud to offer full repair, renovations and remodels to any of area of your home for a low cost.

How does it work?

In an effort to provide more safe and reliable housing in our community, Habitat for Humanity provides reliable skills and services through our expert Handyman Jared Rogers to help provide high-quality work all at a low cost. Many families and individuals find themselves in a spot where contractors are out of their price range for one task, where Habitat can assist in all areas. The program is meant to help all of those who would benefit from our services, but the main focus is on low-income and senior residents assisting them to live comfortably in their communities for longer, by providing accessibility and retrofits to existing units. All funds raised through Habitat Handyman helps us build more affordable housing for families and individuals in our community.

Starting your Kitchen Renovation

Getting started with a kitchen renovation is easy with Habitat Handyman. After scheduling with our team, a handyman will come to your home to assess the project, and if our team is capable of completing your kitchen renovation, we will create an estimate for the the labour and materials (if necessary). When the estimate is paid, we begin purchasing materials and start scheduling a date for the start of the renovation. No job is too big or too small for our handyman team, from all new floors to fixing squeaky cabinets. When you choose Habitat Handyman for your kitchen renovation, your helping us build and repair homes for many more across your community! We also offer reduced cost pricing for material, labour, and admin costs, so check with our handyman to see if you are eligible.

How your Kitchen Renovation helps Habitat

Habitat for Humanity has been helping families build and find homes they can call their own for over 40 years, and Habitat Handyman is another way we can achieve this goal. When low-income families and seniors have access to low-cost renovations, it enables them to stay in their communities comfortably and safely for longer. Having a safe home for everyone is a goal of Habitat, and you help us contribute to that goal when you choose our Habitat Handyman Program. All funds raised help us continue to support those in need in Halton and Mississauga find a forever home, and your kitchen renovation, remodel or repair can help a family in need.


Getting started with the Handyman process is easy! We serve areas all across our catchment area, including Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, and Halton Hills. Contact us at or visit our website to start your kitchen renovation, and our team will reach out to get started!

If you still have questions about starting your kitchen renovation through our Handyman Program, be sure to check out our FAQ. To book your FREE consultation, or to get more information about the program please reach out to our program coordinator.