Habitat offers free kitchen deconstruction in the GTA

Photograph of a kitchen

Planning a home renovation? Looking to get rid of an old appliance or outdated kitchen cabinets?

There are lots of things you could do in these situations — sell an item online, trash it, opt for demolition, use a consignment store, store it in your basement or leave it on the end of your driveway. But with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, there’s a better way to get rid of unwanted items through kitchen deconstruction and salvage.

Let our organization help you dispose of your kitchen cabinetry, appliances, doors and other items! Here at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, we provide a completely free kitchen salvage service. We’ll take everything and the kitchen sink.

When you choose to deconstruct with us, our volunteer team will come to your house or place of business at a prearranged time. The donation process includes dismantling your kitchen including furnishings, built-in items, shelving and appliances. Sit back and relax as our professional team deconstructs your kitchen, and leaves you with a brand new space to renovate.

But what is deconstruction, exactly? Habitat.org defines it as “the process of systematically dismantling all or part of a building or house piece-by-piece so that most of the resulting materials can be recycled, repurposed or reused.” In other words, when we’re not building homes, we’re dismantling rooms like kitchens, all in the name of making a difference in our local community.

When you donate to Habitat Halton-Mississauga’s kitchen salvage program, you will receive a charitable tax receipt based on the resale value of your donated products. Your donation will be sold as product in one of our ReStores to create funds to contribute to our efforts to build safe and affordable housing for local families.

You can schedule your pickup by filling out the kitchen salvage form on our website. You can also email or call us at 905-828-0987 ext. 427. If you haven’t heard from us within two business days, give us a call — we strive to respond to all requests in under one business day during our operating hours, 9-5 on Monday to Friday. Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga serves the regions of Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills and Georgetown. Schedule your pickup with us today!

Deconstruction isn’t just a great way to get your kitchen ready for renovation. It’s also an alternative to throwing out your trash; deconstruction diverts waste from clogged landfills, and gets rid of your junk in an environmentally friendly way. Because products are recycled through being sold in one of Habitat for Humanity’s many ReStore locations, deconstruction and salvage have also been called “green demolition.”

Deconstructing with Habitat is also completely free, meaning you can offset the costs of your renovations while earning a tax receipt for your donation of salvaged kitchen cabinets or other items. The charitable tax receipt is for the estimated resale value of your donated items. Not only do you gain this receipt, but you also save money on labour costs since Habitat’s kitchen salvage and deconstruction is completely, 100% free.

The kitchens salvaged by Habitat are sold in our ReStores, so you can feel good about donating your kitchen cabinets, doors and other kitchen items. The proceeds from the sale of salvaged items and kitchens in our ReStores go directly back into our projects to build safe, decent and affordable homes for those in need right here in our community. Your kitchen deconstruction might be free for you, but the funds from selling products in a Habitat ReStore can help ensure a better future for a local family.

So don’t just throw out old appliances in your home renovation process, or send your kitchen cabinets to the landfill if they’re out of trend. Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga can ensure that your kitchen is salvaged carefully and professionally, with minimal effort on your part. Let us do the heavy lifting and save you some time by relieving you of your cabinets, appliances and other items.

You can feel good about giving your kitchen products to the ReStore, where the funds will go towards one of our construction projects to build an affordable house for a local family. You may not want your old kitchen cabinets anymore, but they will be a welcome addition to another family’s home when purchased in one of our ReStores — as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

You can also feel good about saving waste from going to a landfill by recycling it and giving it a new purpose. When you deconstruct with Habitat, your wallet, the earth and local residents in need will all benefit.

If you’re located outside of the regions we serve, Habitat for Humanity GTA also has a deconstruction program, which might be more convenient for you. Habitat GTA’s program tackles whole home reconstructions for the areas of Toronto, Brampton-Caledon and York Region. Check out this video to learn more about the process from DIY expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault.

Habitat for Humanity Durham also offers kitchen strip and material removal services. They can remove a variety of items including kitchen cabinets, appliances, cap electrical wires, hardwood floors, doors, windows, lighting, plumbing and other architectural elements.

If you’re not based in the GTA area, there are a number of Habitat locations in the United States of America which also have similar deconstruction programs, such as Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, Habitat for Humanity Upper Fraser Valley, Habitat for Humanity Milwaukee, Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver and Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. To find the location closest to you by searching for your ZIP code and state through Habitat.org’s website.

What are you waiting for? Contact your local ReStore today to find out more about Habitat for Humanity’s free deconstruction program. You can search for your local ReStore online to find the location closest to you. To arrange a kitchen salvage with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, fill out our kitchen salvage form by following this link.

By Sherina Harris