What if I can’t afford the estimate you gave me?

Some homeowners may qualify for our low-income pricing stream. You must submit your most recent tax assessment for each adult aged 18+ not currently in full-time studies, and your gross household income must be within specific income thresholds. When completing the work request form, please mark you are interested in applying for the reduced cost. In addition to this, please discuss any payment issues with the Program Administrator so we can assist you as best we can.

In addition to this, residents of Halton may qualify for the HARP program, which offers grants up to $5,000 for necessary repairs within the home through the Investment in Affordable Housing fund. Check in with the Program Administrator to receive more details regarding this option!

What if I want to do work that isn’t listed on your menu?

Our team may or may not be able to accommodate your request. Please indicate on your work request form you are interested in additional services and specify what sorts of work you need done in order for us to help as best we can.

Do you offer services to renters or co-operative housing members?

We can offer our Handyman service to clients who are renting or living in a co-operative housing association. Before starting any work, we would require written permission of both yourself and your landlord.

I’m moving soon and want to fix up my home to sell; is this program for me?

Absolutely! We are proud to assist all types of clients who have a variety of contractors needs.

I’m a Habitat Partner Family; is this program for me?

Definitely! Be sure to check our income level tables or ask the program Administrator if you are looking for the low-income pricing stream.

Who will be completing the work in my home?

We use our Handyman and a team of up to two volunteers to complete projects for our clients. By using volunteers, this allows us to keep our costs low. Our volunteers have considerable experience in general contracting, and are under the direct supervision of our Handyman, a red seal carpenter!

What if I don’t like the work you’ve done?

If you are unhappy with any work completed within a year of us completing the work, please contact the program administrator who will be able to work through the problem with you.

What if I don’t live within Halton or Mississauga?

Depending on our schedule and the work required, we may be able to assist you in your request. Please contact the program administrator for more information.

How do I contact the program administrator?

You can give the administrator a call at the office at 905-637-4446 ex. 238 or email