How to give to charity on Giving Tuesday

Wrapped presents in various seasonal colours

As the holidays approach, most of us are thinking about buying gifts for our families, friends and loved ones. Some of us are also thinking about where we can donate to a good cause to share the spirit of the season. Did you know that in Canada we have a day specially dedicated to donating to these causes?

Giving Tuesday, according to their Canadian website, is “a global movement for giving and volunteering.” The aim is to create “a national movement for giving at the start of the annual holiday season.” You might be wondering how you can make the most of your donation to charity. Here are some tips for making a donation to charity this Giving Tuesday.

Give to a cause that you’re passionate about

A quick Google search can show you that there are tons of nonprofits and charities in your local area. Narrowing down where you want to donate might feel like an impossible task; so as you think about your donation, consider what causes you are really passionate about. Maybe there’s a nonprofit that relates to something you’ve gone through in your own life, or one that has a special meaning to someone in your family. Being aware of the reasons why you’re giving to a specific cause makes your donation experience all the more meaningful, both to you and to the organization to which you’re donating.

Do your research before donating

Before you donate, it’s important to research and learn more about the nonprofit to which you want to donate. Research the work that they do, and figure out if it’s a cause that you want to support. Furthermore, research what per cent of donations go directly into their work and what per cent goes towards administrative costs. You might choose to support a charity either way, but it’s nice to know exactly where your donation is going so you feel like you’re making the maximum impact.

It can also be helpful to research whether you receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation. Sometimes you must request this when you make your donation, or indicate it on an online form, so ensure you’re aware of the nonprofit’s procedure for tax receipts.

Find the optimal donation method

Some charities offer options to donate online through their website, while others prefer in-person donations or cheques. Some also have monthly given, payroll deduction or recurring donation options. Research these things beforehand so you can be sure exactly how to make your donation, and decide whether you want it to be a one-time or recurring donation.

Stay updated after you donate

You might just give once, but keeping up to date on the impact of your donation can help you see the impact of your donation. Stay up to date on the charity’s social media pages, or sign up for their newsletter if they have one. This allows you to see the work that your donation helped to accomplish and gives you a chance to keep up to date on the great work that your charity of choice is taking part in.

Make a donation today!

To learn more about how to donate to Habitat HM’s homebuilding efforts, follow this link to our website and click here to make a donation today!

By Sherina Harris