Didn’t you know? Thrifting is in!

Why spend hundreds of dollars a month trying to keep up with the hottest trends (which, let’s be honest, will change again by next month) when that same money could get you a whole new wardrobe or living space!

Say hello to your new favourite retail trend: thrifting!

Now, there was a time when the term ‘thrifting’ was kind of taboo. It was thought of as just rifling through bins of, well, garbage. Thanks to the emergence of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, thrifting has reached a whole new level of sophistication.

Gone are the hours spent lusting over the newest trends, in are the days of hitting up your nearest ReStore. No matter your style, our ReStores are packed with amazing finds – both vintage and new!

Did you know? We are seeing a huge influx of interest for secondhand shopping, thanks to the rise of Millenials and Gen Z.

Graphic Courtesy of thredUP

Although these budding generations are adopting a secondhand mindset 2.5x faster than other age groups, the rise of thrifting is not all down to the younger demographic. In part of their 2019 Resale Report, thredUP, a major retailer in reselling used clothing, actually found that the interest of Baby Boomers is quite close to that of the younger generations. Of secondhand shoppers surveyed, Millennials (aged 25-37) accounted for 33% while Baby Boomers (56-65+) weighed in at a very close 31%. This proves that thrifting is not only a generational phenomenon, but an ageless trend that continues to grow each year.

Graphic Courtesy of thredUP

As we become a more environmentally conscious world, companies are required to evolve and adapt to support environmentalism in order to remain culturally relevant. Truth is, the public is starting to care a lot more about sustainable products and limited waste production than they do new merchandise.

It is clear that secondhand shopping has come a long way from only consisting of a handful of charity stores. It now holds a lot of value for people of all ages. Not only is it more affordable for consumers, it has become a conscious choice to make the retail world a little greener. 

Now that we’ve established the value of thrifting, let’s take a peek at some of the great stuff you can find in our ReStores!

For the Person with Expensive Taste:

Starting off with a bang, take a look at this awesome lineup! You can stumble upon great deals like these slick home theater seats and stainless steel Electrolux fridge.

Image may contain: people sitting, living room and indoor

Image may contain: indoor

You can even find the occasional piano at our ReStores!

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For the Art Connoisseur

You’ll be amazed by the treasures you can find in our ReStores! They are home to some beautiful works of art, such as these paintings by Lena Lui.

For the Vintage Collector:

Even Royal Doulton china has made its way into our stores! This 85-piece set is offered at a heavily discounted price. On eBay, a single plate can sell for a hundred dollars!

If collectibles are more your vibe, you can score rare items like these Lladro figurines.

Image result for lladró figurines set

For the Celebrity Fanatic:

Believe it or not, there was an age before the Kardashian take over! Check out these cool signed photos of some truly classic celebrities.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also seen a fair number of boats come and go through our doors! There’s no limit to the treasures you can find when thrifting at our Habitat ReStores.

So, grab your friends and hit up your nearest ReStore for a thrifting adventure!

To find your nearest ReStore, check out: https://habitathm.ca/restore-locations/

We can’t wait to see you there!

By: Rebecca Mitchell