Deck Repair with Habitat Handyman



Spring is almost here, and so is your chance to schedule a deck repair with Habitat Handyman. If this is the year you’ve committed to repairing, refinishing, or replacing your deck, instead of taking a chance on a general contractor have your repair mean something through Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga’s Handyman program.

Our Habitat Handyman program launched last fall focuses on providing contracting and repair services to those that would not other wise be able to afford them. However, thanks to our dual-pricing stream we can also offer our services to those that want to support a worthy cause while getting all sorts of work done around their home.We are so proud to be offering yet another service to help low-income and senior citizens live in the comfort and safety of their own home. At the same time we are excited at the fundraising potential of our social enterprise Habitat Handyman.

Scope of deck repair

Whether you need us to replace a few boards, refinish the deck, or do a full rebuild, our Handyman service is perfect for you.

Decks usually need to be repaired every 10 to 15 years. However, the price of repairing a deck can be prohibitive to a large population of people, but that is not the case through Habitat Handyman.

If you have a special request for your deck repair, and are unsure if Habitat Handyman would be able to accommodate please reach out to to ask us directly. Chances are that the work you need completed is completely achievable by our team of expert staff and volunteers.

Pricing guidelines

The average cost of contractors can cost you around $100 per hour plus material mark up. It’s no wonder than studies show that 94 per cent of people getting home renovations are concerned their contractor will not offer a fair price.

Habitat Handyman addresses challenges around trust and cost by being a reliable, trustworthy service for home repairs, retrofits and renovations. The program leverages a pool of skilled volunteers and tradesmen to perform top quality work. On top of this, as an internationally recognized charity, Habitat for Humanity can guarantee a fair price for any work done on your home.

There are noticeable differences in the regular and reduced pricing streams. The reduced markup on materials, labour and administrative fees can be attributed to different priorities per stream. Our reduced pricing stream aims to make deck repairs and renos a possibility for low income families and individuals, where the regular cost stream is focused on providing an affordable yet revenue stream for our affordable home building projects.



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Get the deck you’ve always wanted through Habitat Handyman. Our deck repair, renovation, or refinish will ensure you have a sense of comfort and pride in the place that you call home.

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Habitat Handyman services the catchment area of Habitat Halton-Mississauga. This includes Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton Hills, Acton and Georgetown.