Bathroom Renovations with Habitat Handyman

Habitat Handyman is one of the latest programs launched by Habitat for Humanity, covering everything from basic maintenance all the way to bathroom renovations. But did you know that Habitat Handyman is much more than just a small repair and maintenance program? We are a full-service repair and renovation contracting service, capable of completely renovating, remodeling or making repairs to any room in your home. Our program’s scope of work includes small repairs, but if you have a job that needs to get done, the chances are we can do it. Our expert licensed craftsman and crew of skilled volunteers are ready to help you with all your home improvement needs.

Just as an example of the program’s versatility – recently, Handyman completed bathroom renovations right here in Burlington.
The before picture to our first bathroom renovation

Whether you’re looking to add a new bathroom to your home, converting your basement into a rental unit, or just need to give your current bathroom a facelift, Habitat Handyman is the program for you.

One of our program’s first projects was to update and re-tile a shower – we are quite happy with the results, and so were the homeowners. You can see photos of how the project turned out below.


How does the program work?

Habitat Handyman is a program that exists in a very interesting space. As an organization, we recognized a gap in the market, where people in need of repairs and renovations to their homes aren’t being provided with access to services. Many times, if a job is too small or inexpensive, contractors won’t even consider taking the job. Our program is here to fill these gaps. Handyman will cover simple jobs around the house all the way to complete renovations to your home.

Although the program has a specific focus on helping low-income and senior residents live in more comfortable settings through repairs and retrofits, we also do work for the general public. Handyman isn’t just for people that are living in unsafe conditions. Our second pricing stream allows for people needing renovations to support our affordable home building projects while receiving high-quality bathroom renovations, repairs, or other tasks around the house.


Why do we offer bathroom renovations?

Habitat Handyman offers bathroom renovations because we have the know-how and the willingness to do it at a much more affordable price than a general contractor. Our goal is not to make a profit for ourselves, we are focused on building a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Any revenue generated through these renovations goes directly to building more homes, but by keeping our price point low we are also helping those who would otherwise be unable to afford much needed renovations to their homes.

Since its launch in the fall of 2018, Habitat Handyman has been met with resounding approval, from members of our community to policymakers who want to see more innovative social enterprises like it. In fact, the provincial government, through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, has pledged more than $300,000 to Habitat Handyman over the next three years.

the finished bathroom renovations

Why should I get Habitat Handyman to do my bathroom renovation?

When you choose Habitat Handyman to do renovations in your home, you’re picking a program affiliated with an internationally recognized charity. For the past 40 years, Habitat for Humanity has had the singular goal of building a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. We have built hundreds of thousands of homes in nearly 100 countries, and changed many, many lives for the better in the process. This program is an extension of that mission, allowing our program to service those already living in homes but in need of a hand up to continue to live in comfort.

Habitat Handyman services all of Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Georgetown and Halton Hills. Contact Habitat Handyman today to receive a free quote on your bathroom renovation. Reach out to and our team will get back to you ASAP!

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