Bartell Global helping Habitat lay a foundation upon which families can build a new life

In 1946, Art Bartell opened the doors of a small machine tool and die shop, simply named Bartell. Working in the concrete industry and realizing that the equipment available at the time wasn’t meeting the needs of the job, he decided to start his own business and make the equipment himself. Today, Bartell Global has grown to become a powerful brand and industry leader, continuing to lead the way in the field of concrete and construction equipment.

Bartell Global is made up of six premium brands that all have rich histories in finishing, site prep, surface prep, and metal forming. These six brands work together to create a unified manufacturing company, which creates high-quality products for the construction, automotive, appliance and electrical industries. Their aim is to continually push the envelope when it comes to innovation and customer service.

The two men at the helm of Bartell, CEO John Locke, and President Richard Stanley, ensure that the company values of Integrity, Ownership and Innovation are lived out every day. Both men are heavily involved in their communities and demonstrate a strong commitment to giving and empowering individuals to succeed. They, like Habitat, believe that it is important to supply the resources needed to enable individuals to be self-sufficient, giving a ‘hand-up’ and not a ‘hand-out’ to people in need.

This is the credo that led them to Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga’s (HFHHM) door. Two members of Bartell’s executive team, controller Domenic Lonuzzo, and marketing manager Chris Windsor, recently sat down with HFHHM to talk about Bartell Global’s partnership with Habitat.

Chris explains, “I was aware that Habitat built houses for people who needed them, but not the mechanisms of how this was done. The concept of ‘sweat equity’ and the requirements for the homeowners, that they have a stake in it, fits nicely with Bartell Global’s philosophy of empowering individuals.”

Involvement in the community is a natural fit for the employees of Bartell Global. John and Richard have created a respectful work environment, giving employees an opportunity to do their best and make a difference.

Domenic adds, “At first, we weren’t sure if there was anything that Bartell could contribute to HFHHM. In discussions with HFHHM, it became clear that they could use our equipment and expertise in pouring and finishing concrete. The opportunity was discussed and the team decided to run with it.” Not only did Bartell donate much-needed equipment, but they will also be joining HFHHM on a build site this summer.

This is the first time Bartell employees will be involved in a project of this kind. “There is a tremendous excitement about participating in the Habitat build,” Domenic says. “We have a great environment and a great bunch of employees. These are people who want to make a difference day-to-day in their work environment, and now, in their community. We look forward to driving by the build projects and being able to say, ‘Hey! That’s our Bartell equipment out there. We helped make this happen.’”