8 Items to Donate to ReStore when Downsizing or Decluttering

When downsizing or decluttering your home, bring your donations to Habitat HM's ReStores.

If you’re in the process of downsizing your home or are simply looking to declutter, but are unsure what to do with your unwanted items, look no further than Habitat HM. Turn your clutter into impact by donating to our ReStores. When it comes to saving space, there are loads of items you can get rid of. Here are eight ideas to get you started.

1. Oversized items

When downsizing to a smaller home, the first things that you should get rid of are oversized or bulky items. Whether it’s a large china cabinet, a clunky dresser or a sizeable table that won’t fit your new space, our ReStore is the perfect place for your donation.

2. Unused furniture

Many homeowners can relate to this familiar scene: you have a couch, a loveseat, two armchairs, bench seating and an ottoman. How often do all those seats actually get filled? A great way to save space in a smaller home is to ensure that everything has a purpose. Furniture shouldn’t act like extra décor for your space, it should be functional to meet your lifestyle needs.

3. Clothes you don’t wear

If you’re torn between whether or not to hang on to an item of clothing, a good rule of thumb to follow is: if you haven’t worn the article of clothing in over a year, it’s time to donate. We all have that collection of over-sized, logo-bearing t-shirts that’s taking up precious closet or dresser space. Or a quality winter jacket from years ago that’s nice, but it fits a touch too snug.

During your downsizing cleaning kick, take those clothes you no longer wear and drop them off at one of our clothing donation bins located outside our ReStores. Rather than taking up space, your donated clothes will be put to good use to help those in need.

4. CDs and DVDs

When considering what to get rid of during your move, CDs and DVDs should be among the first to go. Rather than hoarding stacks of outdated discs, transfer them onto your hard drive so you can have them all in one place. With music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, and movie sites like Netflix, you might not even need your own copies at all.

Our ReStores feature an impressive selection of CDs and DVDs, and we would love to add your donation to our collection.

5. Books

Over time, it’s easy for your modest collection of books to expand into your own mini library. We often fall into the trap of thinking, “Eventually I’ll get around to reading these…” But in the meantime, they’re taking up shelves of space that needs to be freed for downsizing.

If it’s a book that has sentimental value to you, or one that you know you’ll get around to reading before “eventually” rolls around, then hang on to them. If the pages are collecting dust more than they’re being flipped, drop them off at one of our ReStore locations so they can be enjoyed beyond their spot on your shelf.

6. Sporting equipment

If the depths of your garage are a place you seldom venture, it might be a good time to check out what outdated sporting equipment is lying around. Maybe you haven’t been skiing in over a decade but your old pair of skis are still tucked in the corner, or your old bag of golf clubs has been forgotten after its replacement with a new set. If your garage is filled with equipment from when your child went through phases of trying out hockey, soccer, and then basketball, or if your children have moved out, but you’re still hanging onto their bike or pair of rollerblades from years ago, it might be time to let those go.

Find a new home for your old sporting equipment through our ReStores. Local families will greatly appreciate your donation, and it could allow them to enjoy activities they might not have otherwise been able to without purchasing your donated equipment at an affordable price.

7. Appliances and electronics

Appliances or electronics you don’t use anymore, or ones that will take up too much space in your new modestly-sized space are perfect items to donate to our ReStores.

Items that often get overlooked when you’re trying to declutter are smaller kitchen appliances. Think of that hand-mixer or bread maker you haven’t pulled out in years, or whether you genuinely need to hold on to a juicer, a blender and a food processor.

A good way to get some context is: if you haven’t used it in the past two months, it’s not integral to your lifestyle and you’re probably safe to rehome the item through our ReStore. 

If your clunky box TV just isn’t working for you anymore, or if your boombox hasn’t boomed for years, donate the item for resale to a family who will cherish these items as much as you once did.

8. Knick-knacks

While knick-knacks can bring warmth to a space, making a house feel more like a home with your personalized touches, they can also contribute to unnecessary clutter that can put a kink in your downsizing plans. If you have a collection of knick-knacks that you love, then proudly display them on your mantel. But don’t collect just for the sake of collecting something, and don’t feel like you have to decorate with clutter. 

It’s fine to have items in your home that don’t have a specific use, but if it doesn’t make you happy, then get rid of it.

In the words of decluttering expert, Marie Kondo, “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: ‘Does this spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.” Simple as that.

If it doesn’t spark joy in your life, pass it along to our ReStore so it can bring happiness into the home of a new family.

Why donate to the ReStore?

One-stop donation spot

Our ReStores are your one-stop-spot for donating when downsizing. We basically take it all. From your oversized china cabinet to your childhood bike, and even that strange collection of figurine moose, we’re excited to accept what you have to donate.

Charitable tax receipt

Every donation made to our ReStore will receive a charitable tax receipt worth the value of items donated.

Fueling a powerful mission

Habitat Halton-Mississauga has some of the highest performing ReStores in all of Canada, with our Burlington ReStore securing the spot for #1. We’re proud to claim this spot, but we’re here because of people like you. Your generous and quality donations are what keep our ReStores going, and what enables our mission of building affordable housing to continue.

Revenue from our ReStore sales are used to cover unavoidable costs of office administration, so every dollar donated to our organization can go right into our build fund. With your help from ReStore donations and purchases covering these expenses, we’re able to build more. Habitat HM is a big believer in maximizing our impact, and your ReStore donation allows us to do that.

We’ll pick up your donation for you

The process of downsizing can be extremely hectic, so let us take one of those tasks off your list and pick up your donation from your home. We’ll even move it from inside your home in case it’s too heavy for you to safely lift on your own.

Take advantage of our donation pickup service here.

We serve the following areas for donation pickup

  • Mississauga
  • Milton
  • Acton
  • Georgetown
  • Burlington
  • Oakville

Donate to the ReStore when downsizing or decluttering today!

If you have any questions about how making donations to the ReStore works, give us a call at 905-637-4446 ext. 427 and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

ReStore Locations

For smaller items, or if you want to drop off your donations to one of our ReStores, here are Habitat HM’s locations:


Location: 1800 Appleby Line, L7L 6A1

Hours: Mon-Sat 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Phone: 906-637-4446


Location: 4500 Dixie Road, L4W 1V7

Hours: Mon-Sat 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Phone: 905-828-0987


Location: 25 Brown Street, L9T 7Z8

Hours: Mon-Sat 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Phone: 905-693-0444

If these locations are too far from you, visit our ReStore locator to find a store closer to you.

Other donation alternatives

If you’re unable to make it to one of our ReStores, here are some other places you can donate to:

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank accepts new and gently-used furniture donations and delivers them to families in need. They offer furniture donation pickup, with their fee starting at $100. Alternatively, they have a donation drop-off available. See more here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a charity that supports vulnerable people. They accept donations of a wide range of items, including clothing, electronics, furniture, household items, books and toys. Learn more about the Salvation Army here

By: Olivia Kabelin